Live Your Best (Holiday) Life: Week 1

On Wednesday I shared about Live Your Best (Holiday) Life for Less, a challenge that Alexandra and I created for November. Our intention for this challenge is to focus on self-care, gratitude, and contentment rather than on the things that can be stressful this time of year.

Each Monday I'll share the week's prompts and ideas for how I plan to incorporate them into my week. 

{LYBHolidayL - Week 1}

    November 1 - Daily or weekly gratitude log. I've mentioned before that I try to make a practice of thinking about what I'm grateful for every evening when I take a shower. However, I like the idea of also writing down a few things each day in my bullet journal as well.

    November 2 - Read article about thankful kids. This article has some good ideas for ways of making gratitude a part of your family lifestyle. For example, they suggested starting a tradition such as going around the dinner table and each person say what he or she is thankful for. I think that's something we could do and even at Jona's age (4) he could join in. I also like the idea of getting kids involved in service projects and volunteer opportunities. That is something I'd like to do more of as a family.

    November 3 - Welcome Thanksgiving season. I've been listening to the Lazy Genius Podcast lately (and totally love it) and she talked about "opening and closing ceremonies" for the holiday season--big or small ways to welcome and say goodbye to the holidays this time of year. Thanksgiving tends to get lost in the middle sometimes, so I like the idea of doing something small, yet memorable, to welcome it. I have two things in mind. One is starting the tradition of going around the dinner table and talking about what we're thankful for. The other is baking something every year around this time, maybe pecan pie bars or homemade hot chocolate. If you have any good ideas, let me know!

    November 4 - Make pumpkin waffles. I don't like pumpkin (sorry Alexandra!) but I do love waffles, so I'll just have to put my own spin on this prompt. I have a go-to recipe for homemade waffles (thanks mom!) but maybe I'll try something new. I'm intrigued by these Raised Waffles from Smitten Kitchen, or perhaps these Pecan Pie Waffles. If you are a pumpkin lover though, make sure you head to Alexandra's blog to get the recipe!

    November 5 - Shop your closet for new outfits. Sometimes pulling out items that haven't been worn in a while make me feel like I'm wearing something new. Because I've spent the last year either breastfeeding or pumping milk for Violet, there are a few items of clothing that I haven't been able to wear. Now that I'm pretty much done, I can't wait to wear my dresses again!

            We would love for you to join in for any of these prompts for the month of November. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@simplyalexandra12 and @shealennon) and tag your posts with #LYBHolidayL so that we can check them out. Have a great week! 

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