Violet Lennon at 11 Months

In just one month this sweet girl will turn one! I can't even believe it. She's growing and changing so fast and has so much personality. Being her mom is the best.

Weight/Length - I'm not sure--she's just a month away from her one year check-up. Eek! She does seem to be lengthening out a bit though.

Sleep - It's been about the same. 2 naps a day and a bedtime of around 7pm, sometimes a little later. One thing that doesn't change is her enthusiasm for early mornings.

Eating -  We're starting to wean her off bottles, but I know that it will be a gradual process. She just went down to 3 bottles a day, with a little breast milk in a sippy cup at lunch time instead of her usual mid-morning bottle. When it comes to solids, she still loves her fruit but has developed quite an interest in meat and pasta as well. This girl can sure chow down!

Clothing - She's still wearing 6-12 month and 12 month clothes, and the fact that the weather has been all over the place means that I have fun trying a variety of outfits. Most days she just wears a little onesie and pants to daycare or playing at home, but I love to dress her up a bit more for church and other outings. I don't even think she'll get through all the dresses we borrowed!

Mood - Violet has been such a happy girl lately. She enjoys playing and exploring and wants to be in the middle of anything and everything going on. There's not a lot of middle ground with her. She's either happily playing and babbling, or she's letting us know that she is NOT happy about something. She's so dramatic! The other day I barely bumped her with the baby gate and she threw her head back and bawled. Or if I don't pick her up when she wants me to (like when I'm cooking dinner) she'll rest her head on the ground and cry. I love her feisty little personality.

Milestones - She is pulling up and climbing on everything, and has taken a few tumbles because of it. She seems to have no fear. She still doesn't seem interested in walking though, because she can army crawl FAST. She's started "regular" crawling some as well, although she's not quite as fast that way.

Words - Violet has been saying "dada" for a while now (although it's only been recently that I think she knows what that means) but about a week ago she said "mama"! I was in the kitchen cooking and couldn't hold her, and she started crying and let out a pathetic little "maaa maaa" and my heart just melted. It's hard to tell for sure, but it also sounds like she says "dog" and "Jojo" (Jona's nickname).

Favorite things - taking a bath with Jona, meal time, drinking from a regular cup (I let her do that a couple of times and she thought it was the best thing ever!), climbing, getting into things she's not supposed to--dog food, small legos, etc., putting things in/taking things out of containers, her Cabbage Patch baby, Jona's Duplo Legos, Jona's matchbox cars, pretty much all of Jona's toys

Least favorite things - diaper changes (these have become a battle!), getting out of the bath, when we take away things or try to "redirect" her, potatoes (crazy!), beans

How we're doing - We're just trying to survive. With Aaron's coaching and class schedule he is gone or busy a lot. Most nights it's just me during the craziest portion of the day - the post daycare pick-up pre-dinner hour, and it can be stressful. But the kids have been so good lately, I'm so thankful that they are at really good ages right now. Luckily Aaron is really good about giving me some "me time" when he is home, and plus I also have a girls mini-getaway this weekend that I'm really looking forward to.

How big brother is doing -  He is still doing so well. I swear he's saved Violet's life several times over; he'll say "Mom, Violet put something in her mouth!" and I run over to fish out a lego or a piece of dog food. (I swear we pick up at our house!) He is pretty good about helping keep Violet entertained, although sometimes he gets frustrated with her when she destroys his tower or whatever he's building. I'll remind him that she's just a baby and she doesn't know any better (although sometimes I wonder), and he'll sigh and go "Okay... Here you go Violet," and give her one of his toys. It's so sweet.

Things I want to remember - I forgot to mention this in her last update, but sometimes when I pick her up to hold her, she'll pat my back. It is the sweetest thing ever. She also likes to pat her little baby doll and will also pat herself sometimes! It's so cute.

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