September Clothing Budget and October Wishlist

September was month two of my 6 month Secondhand Shopping Challenge. Not surprisingly, my clothing budget went to ThredUp, just like it did last month. I'm so addicted to that site, and they have so much to choose from that so far I don't miss shopping for new clothes at all. Here's what I bought this month.

{September Purchases}

ThredUp: Loft Gray Lace Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - $7
ThredUp: J.Crew Navy Sequin Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - $11
ThredUp: Gap Berry Cropped Dress Pants - $15
ThredUp: J.Crew Gray Wool Skirt - $20

Total Spent: $53

Well, you'll notice that there's nothing on this month's round-up from my wishlist last month. I didn't find any olive pants, but I love this berry-hued pair I found instead. Really, I just needed some pants! Also, the lace tee I bought last month didn't work out, but that has been something I've wanted for a while, so this one I found was just right.

While I'm having a lot of luck shopping secondhand for clothing, I'm struggling to find shoes. I'm sure I need to extend my search beyond ThredUp, but lately I haven't had time to do any in-person shopping. I'd like to find a pair (or two!) of ankle or peep toe boots, some wedges or block heels, and a pair of leopard flats to replace a pair I had that got worn out. Basically, my fall shoe wardrobe is in major need of an update.

{October Wishlist: All the Shoes}

Did you buy anything fun this month? What's on your wish list? 

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