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We had a lot going on in August, so I'm looking forward to September bringing a little bit of calm to the crazy. As always, I'm linking up with Anne and this month's co-host, Lowanda, to share what I'm currently up to this month.

leaf photo - Chris Lawton on Unsplash

{celebrating} how else? with ice cream. We celebrated Jona's fourth birthday with an ice cream sundae bar at his party, because (like his mother) he prefers it to cake. After a successful check-up at the doctor, we also had to stop by our favorite place for a quick scoop. Some like to clink glasses, we prefer spoons around here.

{watching} Moana. Not too long ago Jona asked to watch Moana on Netflix and since then he wants to watch it constantly. Luckily, I also really enjoy the movie (unlike his other favorite, Trolls) and could listen to the music all day. It's a good one!

{welcoming} fall. Compared to the typical weather this time of year, it's been a lot cooler lately. I'm thankful because we've been without air conditioning for a couple of weeks--unfortunately our HVAC system that was older than I am bit the dust and we're in the process of getting a new one installed. I'm looking forward to more cool weather (as long as it doesn't verge into the cold territory) and all the cozy things that come with fall. 

{preparing} meals... constantly. Sometimes I feel like all I do is feed children. On days that I'm home with both kids, it seems like I've barely gotten one meal cleaned up and then it's time for a snack or a bottle. I'll get their lunches ready and finally get ready to eat mine, and then Jona will ask for more milk or Violet will be trying to feed her chicken to Ellie. I try to be patient but it's exhausting! 

{photographing} milestones. I think I'm trying to soak up Violet's baby-ness before she turns one in October.  She's been hard to photograph lately (girl moves fast!) but I want to capture these moments on camera, like when she pulled up to stand next to Jona at his train table, or when they took their first bath together in the "big" tub. 

What have you been up to so far this month? 

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