$10 at Target: Cozy Fall

Just like Violet makes a beeline for tiny legos, dog food, or any other small, forbidden objects, I similarly headed straight to Target's dollar spot this month and couldn't tear myself away. Lucky for me, no one rushed over and took the precious goodies out of my cart. I can't say the same for Violet and her squirreled-away stash.

Despite the impressive amounts of Halloween decor, I couldn't bring myself to purchase any of that just yet. However, I found a few things that would help me get in a cozy mood for fall and that's what I decided to go for.

I found this pretty floral ceramic coffee mug for $3. I had planned to use it to take my coffee to work, but it doesn't do the best job of keeping my coffee hot through my commute (lengthened by morning daycare drop-off). So I'll use it at home instead.

I also found a scented candle in a pretty little votive holder, and knew it would look nice (and smell good) on my living room bookshelf. It was also $3.

Finally, I spent my remaining Target fun money on a cozy pair of gray socks for another $3. No matter the temperature outside, my feet are always cold. I figure this pair will be great to wear around the house inside now, and then under boots once winter is in full force. 

As I type this post, the day's high is supposed to be 88 degrees. Regardless, whenever fall does decide to come, I'll be ready. 

Do you buy anything fun to prepare for fall? 

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