Violet Lennon at 10 Months

This past month has sped by, and it seems like Violet is changing so quickly! Here's an update on life at 10 months for Miss Violet.

Weight/Length - I'm not sure--she'll go for her next doctor's visit at 1 year. I can't believe that's only 2 months away!

Sleep - With the exception of the few days she was sick, sleep has been about the same. She goes to bed around 7:00 and takes two naps during the day. She usually goes to sleep pretty quickly, so it's become the exception rather than the rule that I have to go back in there. There was one day this month that she slept until 7:15am (alllll the praise hands) but otherwise she is still raring to go before 6.

Thanks to Violet's daycare provider for this great pic!
Eating -  For most of the month, her eating habits have been the same: 4 bottles of breastmilk a day, 3 meals of solids a day. Last week, she got a double ear infection, and her appetite is still recovering. She hasn't been finishing her bottles and she's leaving fruit (fruit!) on her tray, among other things.

Clothing - She's been wearing 9 months, 6-12 months, and 12 month clothes. I borrowed some clothes from my best friend, and she has a ton of cute summer clothes in those sizes (her daughter was born in June) so I'm trying to put Violet in all those outfits while I can!

Mood - Her mood has been ever-changing lately. Sickness made her both crankier and needier than usual, but other than that she's been mostly happy. I call her my little diva though, because boy does she get mad when I take away something she wants, or move her away from something she's not supposed to be into. She also acts like it's the end of the world when I don't pick her up and hold her when she wants to be held--which is pretty much whenever I make eye contact. She'll be playing just fine on her own, she'll see me, and then it's all over. I'm glad she's a mama's girl, but sometimes mama has things to do!

Milestones - She's still army crawling like a champ. She can get herself into a sitting position and has even started pulling up on a few things. She seems a ways from walking though, thank goodness. She will sometimes "dance" when she hears music, which is funny to see. She also loves to clap and looks very proud of herself whenever she does. I still haven't heard a "mama" but hear "dada" and lots of other babbles pretty often.

Favorite things - the door stop spring thing that makes noise (you know what I'm talking about?), any piece of trash/paper she finds on the floor, Jona's toys, cheerios, baths (she's discovered the joy of splashing), a yellow ball that rattles

Least favorite things - when I'm in the room and not holding her, when we take things away from her, taking medicine, getting out of the bath

How we're doing - This past month has been exhausting. With Violet being sick, Jona having a birthday (and therefore a party, etc.), and family coming into town a couple of weekends, I feel like I can't catch up. Aaron started teaching, coaching, and his grad class in the midst of all that so it's just been a lot. I'm just trying to adjust to a new routine.

How big brother is doing -  Jona is doing great. He turned 4 this past Tuesday and I think this will be a great age. 3 was pretty rough, so I'm looking forward to things looking up a bit at age 4. I plan to share an update post on him soon, but overall I feel like he is constantly impressing me with how grown up he is acting lately. 

Things I want to remember - I love that with every month, Violet's personality shines through more and more. She's become so expressive. Anytime she's with a group of people and everyone is talking, especially at the table, she'll join right in with her babbles. She loves to make herself heard and the inflection of her voice sounds like she is really trying to tell us something. I feel like Jona was more calm and content at this age, and happy to observe his surroundings. Violet, on the other hand, displays a wider range of emotions--she's either happy and "talking", waving her hands around, or she is mad and not afraid to let you know about it. She has to be right in the middle of everything, and sometimes that frustrates Jona who just wants to play with his toys. He is so sweet to her though, and when she's crying he will give her a toy to play with, even if it's one of his favorites. He is always so sweet and gentle towards her, and never purposefully gets rough with her (although there have been a few accidental bumps, etc.). I love seeing their relationship develop. 

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