In My Library Tote: Preschool Books with a Bit of Everything

In Wednesday's round-up of my recent reads, I covered a little bit of everything. I do think that variety is the spice of (reading) life, so I try to choose a wide range of subjects when getting books for Jona as well.

Of course preschoolers don't have the same views on variety, so he often wants to read the same book over and over and over... (case in point: it's all superheroes, all the time right now). I at least try to have a mix of books available so that I can choose something different, even if I have to give the excuse that "mommy wants to know what this book is about". Here are a few we've been enjoying lately, covering a range of kid-approved topics.

{preschooler picks: a little bit of everything}

{Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker} Like lots of little kids, Jona loves all things cars and construction. I don't know why it took me so long to check this one out--I knew he would enjoy it. On a big construction site, all the vehicles are finishing their work and getting ready to go to sleep. 
     Preschooler approved? Given the subject manner, this was a no-brainer. And I liked it as well; I like the idea of a calming bedtime story that's about a topic Jona enjoys. Anything to help with bedtime makes me happy! 

{Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty} Ada Twist is curious about everything, and constantly asking why. When she encounters a terrible smell, she begins to conduct scientific research (often to her family's frustration) to find its source. 
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona liked this one, we read it a lot. I enjoyed it too because Jona is also always asking why, and it put all his question-asking in a positive light. 

{Best Frints in the Whole Universe by Antoinette Portis} Yelfred and Omek live on planet Boborp and they are the best of frints. Sometimes they get into fights and use their teef instead of their words, like when one frint takes the other's new blurfday gift and "schmakles it to bits". Luckily, with a sturpler and a little taypo, they're able to fix everything. 
     Preschooler approved? Oh yes, this was by far the favorite of the batch. Luckily, I really liked this one too and we're still saying the silly phrases to each other. 

{Bob, Not Bob! by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon} This book is "to be read as though you have the worst cold ever". Poor Little Louie has a cold and all he wants is his mom. The trouble is, every time he calls for her it sounds like "Bob", so his big slobbery dog, Bob, comes running. 
     Preschooler approved? Yes--this one was especially timely as we were all passing around a cold when we read it. 

{Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon} After his successful bike ride, Duck decides to take the farmer's tractor for a spin one day. He rounds up the other animals on the farm and heads into town. Everyone eating at the diner looks out the window... that's not really a tractor full of nothing but animals, is it? No way, couldn't be. 
     Preschooler approved? Yes, if you can't tell, Jona loves anything with a silly element these days. And I loved the illustrations in this book; they are excellent. 

Have you found any good picture books lately? What was your favorite book from childhood? 

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