Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Work from Home Day

The last time I shared a "day in the life" post was over a year ago (March of 2016), and my life has changed quite a bit since then. I now have two little ones to keep me busy, and I'm also working from home two days a week. I decided to do a photo an hour on a Thursday to share a look into my life on a day I work from home. On this day, Aaron was home in the afternoon, so the crazy was dialed back a notch. Starting this week it will be all mom all the time on Thursdays and Fridays until evening... oh boy.

{5:20am} I am up and reading my book (at the time it was The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand) while I pump. I am down to four pump sessions a day, starting when I get up, which is between 5 and 5:15am most days. While I don't necessarily enjoy pumping, I do like starting my day with some reading.

{6:20am} Violet is awake so I get her up, change her, and give her a bottle. She wakes up most days before 6, but she's usually okay to just hang out in her crib and talk and play for a few minutes while I finish getting myself ready. 

{7:20am} Jona got up at 7 and immediately asks for some breakfast. I swear, food is on that kid's brain constantly. I fix him graham crackers with peanut butter and sit at the table and do some work while he eats. I try to start my work day pretty early on the days that I'm home. Violet is still content to play on the floor but she will have breakfast soon as well. 

{8:20am} Cranky baby o'clock. I put on some cartoons for Jona and hold Violet for a bit since nothing is making her happy. She has 2 top teeth coming in so she's been more fussy than usual lately. It won't be much longer before she goes down for her morning nap. 

{9:20am} Violet is napping, so I get Jona's morning snack ready so that I can do some more work. He chose crackers and hummus today. He is such a picky kid but he LOVES hummus, so I always make sure to have some in the fridge. 

{10:20am} Jona is playing and Violet is still sleeping (hooray for good naps!) so I am able to catch up on emails and get some more work done. When Violet wakes up she'll have her second bottle.

{11:20am} I have to take Violet to the doctor today, so we eat lunch a little early. Violet eats peas, strawberries, and chicken (well, the chicken mostly winds up on the floor). I eat some leftovers. By now Aaron is home so he and Jona will eat when Violet and I head to the doctor. 

{12:20pm} We are at the pediatrician's office for Violet's 9 month check-up. No shots today, but they did have to prick her big toe for a hemoglobin (I think?) test, which she was NOT happy about. 

{1:20pm} Violet fell asleep on the way home, and Jona is down for a nap as well. I indulge in a little dark chocolate while I get some work done. Violet wakes up not long after this--car naps are the worst. If I try to transfer her to the crib she rarely goes back to sleep, and if I leave her in the carseat she never sleeps long. Oh well, at least she had a nice long morning nap.

{2:20pm} I edit and upload Violet's 9 month photos that I took earlier in the day. She was in such a good mood, so I got a lot of smiling shots. 

{3:20pm} Jona asks to hold Violet, which is always pretty funny. She had other ideas in mind--she wanted to go play so the "holding" didn't last long. She just had her third bottle, so she is in a good mood and ready to explore on the floor for a bit. Jona has a snack and watches an episode of Ninja Turtles on daddy's iPad. I try to get some work done.

{4:20pm} I finish up a few things for work and Violet decides to dump out all of Jona's legos. Luckily he still plays with the larger size ones so I don't worry too much about her getting into them (although I still keep an eye on her for sure). She chews on some legos while Jona fights imaginary bad guys with his "sword" (a tinker toy stick thing).

{5:20pm} I get dinner ready. I don't remember now exactly what we had, but I think it was a sheet tray dinner with chicken, green beans, and potatoes. I would like to get better at documenting our dinners so that I can remember which recipes we tried and loved. If I can remember, I jot down what I make in my bullet journal, and I also mark recipes as "tried" in Pinterest. Lately though I haven't been doing either. 

{6:20pm} Between 5 and 7pm things are always crazy around here. Jona spilled milk on his shirt at dinner, and Violet is getting cranky because it's about her bedtime. We go up to Jona's room for a change of scene while Aaron cleans up dinner. Jona "reads" Violet some stories and shares his animals with her. At around 6:30pm Violet has her last bottle and goes to bed. 

{7:20pm} Aaron and I alternate putting the kids to bed, and since he has Violet tonight I take a quick shower before I put Jona down at 8. On days he has to get up for preschool he goes to bed a little earlier, but he's not as tired on the days he's home with me. 

{8:20pm} I give Jona a bath and help get him ready for bed. I'm so impressed with how independent he is right now; he can brush his teeth (even put the toothpaste on!) and put his pajamas on all on his own. Of course I stay with him or it will be 10pm before he actually does any of that. Then we read two stories, sing one song, and I lay with him for just a couple of minutes. He's been doing a great job of staying in his bed and not getting up a million times... fingers crossed he keeps it up.

{9:20pm} Now that both kids are in bed I can enjoy a little treat. I know you're shocked that it's a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes it's wine instead. 

{10:20pm} I'm usually in bed by this point but Aaron and I stay up talking and watching the Royals beat the Tigers. After the game I read my book for just a few minutes before going to sleep. Aaron is more of a night owl so most nights I'm asleep by the time he comes to bed. 

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