August Clothing Budget and September Wishlist

This month I kicked off a personal shopping challenge to only shop secondhand for the next 6 months. I hope it will not only help me to get out of a style rut, but also help refresh my idea of what it means to blog about style.

Here is what I bought this month. You may recognize these items from the ThredUp haul I recently posted.

{August Purchases}

ThredUp: Loft Navy Print Blouse - $17
ThredUp: Loft Yellow Blouse - $19
ThredUp: J.Crew Denim Skirt - $18
ThredUp: Talbots Plaid Scarf - $13

Total spent: $67

Considering I could have bought just the skirt brand new for the cost of all of this stuff (and it likely would cost more more), I'm pretty happy with what I got for the money. On the buying side, I've been so happy with my experience using ThredUp. I'd like to expand my secondhand shopping to other places though, like Poshmark or brick and mortar stores like Clothes Mentor. 

I also wanted to share what I have my eye on for next month. For me, shopping secondhand can be a little overwhelming, so it helps me to have some specific items to be looking for. I'd like to find a pair of black ankle boots (or possibly peep-toe booties) and a pair of olive pants. I'd settle on some pants in another solid color as well--I just need some pants! 

{September Wishlist}

What did you buy this month? What's on your wishlist for next month? 

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. 

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