$10 at Target: Journaling Goodies

Although I no longer teach, nor am I a student, back to school time still feels like a fresh start in the year. Jona goes to preschool year-round, but they still make a big deal out of the start of the school year; they host a back to school night and even have a school-supply list that they require. Shopping for his supplies made me want to do a little "school supply" shopping of my own.

I didn't need pencils and glue, however, so I decided to buy a few things for my bullet journal. I found some pretty washi tape and these Day Designer magnetic bookmarks (I'd link but I can't find them online). I hoped to find some fun stickers but my Target didn't have much to choose from, so I bought this pretty little notebook instead. I'm not yet sure what I'll fill it with, but I have a couple of ideas in mind.

Washi tape: $2.99 + bookmarks: $3.99 + notebook: $3.99 = $10.97 (a little over, but not bad)

 Have you found any good "back to school" buys lately?

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