Summer Trip to Minneapolis: Packing List

I always love seeing other people's packing lists, so I thought I'd share what clothes I packed for our recent trip to Minneapolis. I started with a current favorite color combination - blush pink and olive - and I based my outfits off of that. We went in late June, but the weather there was pretty mild; if your destination is warmer I'd recommend swapping out the jeans for shorts.

{summer trip to Minneapolis: packing list}

{3 cardigans / jackets} olive cardigan | blush cardigan | denim jacket

{how I wore it}

Game day - Since one of our destinations was Target Field to see a Twins game, we all wore our Royals gear to the game (even though they didn't even play the Royals that day), so my graphic tee was a Royals tee. 

Travel day - For a day spent in the car I kept it casual with just jeans and a striped tee, and comfy shoes. 

Downtown and children's museum - For a day spent walking around downtown and visiting the children's museum, I wore my skirt, jean jacket, and sandals. I ended up bringing another tee shirt, a plain gray tee, so I wouldn't have to repeat shirts. 

Zoo and park date - We did a lot of walking on this trip, so wanted to make sure the shoes I brought were plenty comfortable. I also packed layers so I'd be comfortable in the warm outdoors or chilly air conditioned indoors. 

I didn't get a picture of the last look I wore, which was the olive peplum tee with jeans. I probably could have gotten away with just two pairs of shoes, but since we were driving I had the luxury of a little extra suitcase space. 

When I'm packing, it helps me to start with a basic color scheme and then choose my items based on that. That makes it easier to mix and match pieces because you know that just about everything will go together. 

Do you have any packing tips?

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  1. I recently went to Mexico and it is so funny, my husband and I packed all blue and white outfits mostly! We coordinated and it was so easy to know what makeup and accessories to take. I think I may do this again we planning for a vacation. ha! Altho, I hadn't planned it that way. I love your blush and olive outfits.


  2. I love that you planned around a color base, that's such a great idea! I love all the looks, you were very prepared for our often temperamental weather here in Minneapolis!


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