In My Library Tote: July Preschool Books

I've been making a lot of library trips this summer, and I never come home without bringing at least one book for Jona too, even if I was just picking up some of my holds. Bringing home new library books is like bringing home presents--he gets so excited. We have read some fun ones lately too. Here are a few that we've enjoyed together.

{preschool book picks for July}

{Do Not Open This Book by Michaela Muntean} I try to read a variety of books with Jona, but his favorites are the ones that are on the funny or goofy end of the spectrum. In the same vein as The Monster at the End of This Book or I Will Chomp You, Do Not Open This Book warns the reader to stop turning pages, as the story has not been written yet. All kinds of crazy things happen when, inevitably, the reader ignores the advice and keeps on reading.
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona thought this one was hilarious. It wasn't my favorite though, I didn't love the illustrations.

{Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen} This is one I grabbed from the "recommended" basked next to the check-out kiosk, and it was an excellent pick! It's a book of few words but vivid illustrations, about a tiny little fish who looks like he's about to become a snack for a hungry octopus. However, this adorable fish has a surprise in store for the octopus and any others who try to eat him.
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this one was a favorite for both of us. It was really clever and beautifully illustrated.

{Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems} As you know, we love Mo Willems at our house. Some time ago we read Knuffle Bunny Free, but hadn't yet picked up the original Knuffle Bunny. In this "Cautionary Tale", Trixie, Trixie's dad, and Trixie's Knuffle Bunny take a trip to the laundromat. On their way back home, Trixie realizes something, but doesn't yet have the words to tell her dad.
     Preschooler approved? Yes, of course. This wasn't our favorite Mo Willems (that would probably be Nanette's Baguette or some of the Elephant and Piggie books) but it was a good one nonetheless. I feel like we've all been there as parents when our kid is trying to tell us something but we can't for the life of us figure out what it is!

{Life on Mars by Jon Agee} An astronaut is convinced that there is life on Mars, and he goes there to prove it and share a gift with whoever he finds. When he sees a plant growing there, he's proud of himself for being right. Satisfied, he decides to eat the gift he brought on his way back home, but mysteriously, it has disappeared.
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona enjoyed this one, and I appreciated the non-scary Martian depicted in the story. Jona is sensitive, so any book or movie with a scary element really affects him. I love it when books portray monsters or other mythical creatures in a humorous or non-threatening way.

{Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin} Charlotte really wants a pet, so for her birthday her parents surprise her with... a rock. Although it's not a traditional pet, she treats it the same as she would any other animal--taking it on walks, giving it a name, giving it a bath. Although she loves her rock, she wishes it could love her back. Eventually Charlotte learns that her pet rock is more than what it seems.
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this was a fun one to read.

Do you have any good picture books you've enjoyed with kids in your life lately? 

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