Goals for July and a June Goal Recap

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family and personal life. 

{june goal recap}


Use items and pictures we already have to finish decorating the living room.  I did hang some pictures and do some other decorating, although I can't say that it's finished. At the rate I'm going, our house will be finished by the time Jona goes to college. 


Take some time every week to work on improving my blog. I did not do this. I need to remember that summer is not a good time for blog goals. I probably spend less time online in the summer than any other time, and this month that was especially the case. 


Read 5 books. Hey, this is one goal I can really check off! I actually read 6 books this month, so its obvious what I was doing if I wasn't improving my blog. Ha! 

{july goals}


Style the bookshelf and piano in our living room. Yes, more living room. Despite the fact that I know it won't ever feel fully done, I'm really close to being ready to move on to another room in our house. And hope that one won't take me approximately a million years. 


Find flow in my blogging life. If you listen to the podcast The Lively Show, you've heard Jess Lively talk about the concept of flow. In the past year or so, I've been trying to apply that concept to my life. However, the list-making, type-A person I am often fights against it. 


Create a photo album for our Minnesota trip. I'm terrible about printing photos, but I'd like to get in the habit of printing both yearly family albums, plus ones of our vacations. I would really like to make a Project Life album, and I've gotten a lot of inspiration lately from fellow Kansas-gal blogger Alexandra

What are your goals this month? 

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