Violet Lennon at 8 Months

Violet turned 8 months old during our recent trip to Minneapolis, and I have to say I'm loving this age so far. Here's a little update on what Miss Violet has been up to lately.

{Violet at eight months}

Weight - I don't know; I'll be so curious to see at her doctor's appointment next month. She's getting to be such a little chunk! 

Length - Still not sure. 

Sleep - Well I'm afraid to jinx it, but sleep is going better than it was last month. She still wakes up early, between 5 and 6 most mornings, but at least the middle of the night wakings are becoming more rare. She's also down to just two naps a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. 

Eating -  Now that Violet is eating solid foods pretty regularly, she's down to four bottles a day, at around 7 ounces each. She usually eats solids three times a day, and she's still mostly feeding herself. She's getting a lot better at picking up bite-sized pieces, and her favorite things to eat are peaches, pears, blueberries, and cheerios. I've also given her some traditional baby-food purees (they came in handy on our recent vacation), although she much prefers to feed herself. 

Clothing - It's time for me to do a little shopping--she's starting to outgrow her six month clothes. 

Mood - Although she definitely has some fussy times, she has been full of grins lately. I love walking into her room in the morning, because she greets me with the biggest smile. When I took her 8 month pictures she was laughing and laughing, it was too cute. 

Milestones - Violet is still rolling around everywhere and getting into everything. She's getting pretty good at sitting up now too, although she still loses her balance and topples over occasionally. She has been waving a lot lately, and she hams it up when we take her places by waving (sometimes backwards, towards herself) in her high chair. Sometimes she gets distracted and stares, fascinated, at her hand and it makes me laugh. Finally, she's starting to push up on her arms and legs--it looks like she may not be too far from crawling! 

Favorite things - her wooden KC Royals rattles (atta girl!), peaches, Jona, Jona's matchbox car track, measuring cups, drinking from a sippy cup, sitting in the high chair

Least favorite things - evenings, getting stuck under the couch, when we take away things she can't have

How we're doing - Like I mentioned, we just got back from Minneapolis, so we're pretty worn out from that trip. We had a blast though, and I plan to share some highlights soon. 

How big brother is doing -  Other than still having nightmares and other random wake-ups, he's doing pretty well. He recently moved up to the Pre-K class at preschool, and he struggled a little with that change at first. He's getting used to it though, and really loving the activities they get to do in the "big kid" class, like going on fun field trips and doing lots of water activities outside. Lately he's been having a lot of fun "playing" with Violet (fighting bad guys and showing her his cool superhero moves) and it's the cutest thing to watch. 

Things I want to remember - I feel like Violet is getting to a really fun age. She smiles and laughs a lot, and her face is getting so expressive. She loves to talk (da da da da especially), shriek, and blow raspberries. I can tell she really wants to play and keep up with Jona. He'll show off his "fast run" and she'll kick her legs while she's on her stomach, like "I want to run too!" 

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