Live Your Best Life (for less) Week 7

I hope you're having a good weekend! Ours has been busy, but fun. I wanted to pop in and quickly share this week's prompts for my June Live Your Best Life (for less) calendar. I hope you join me!

{June 11} Weekly Outfit Inspiration. I'll share a blog post this week for some style inspiration for these prompts.
  • Fancy + casual
  • Summer layers
  • Polka dots

{June 12} LYBL - Trade your screens (and your family’s if you can) for books tonight.

{June 13} Budget Dinner @ Home: Greek Tacos (from The Glossy Life) 
  • This really isn't even a recipe, just a meal idea. I do love the tzatziki sauce she links to and have made it several times. We've made the tacos with different things, but most often we use pork tenderloin. 

{June 14} LYBL - Podcast recommendation: The Simple Show. (Try Episode 67: Adventuring in Your Own Home.) 

{June 15} Make plans to spend some quality time with your dad or another guy in your life in honor of Father’s Day Sunday.

{June 16} Go on an ice cream date with your family, or make sundaes at home. 
  • I found a recipe for homemade magic shell (from Pass the Sushi) that I'm pretty excited to try. 

{June 17} Cheer on a local baseball team (professional or little league, your choice) either live or on TV. Don’t forget snacks!

I'd love for you to join in! If you try any of these, be sure to tag me (@shealennon) and use #LYBLforLess.

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  1. We didn't the family ice cream date on Thursday before dinner!! It was awesome and much needed.


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