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I think June is pretty great. The days are long, it's (usually) warm but not sweltering, all the good produce is in season (peaches! corn! cherries!), and there's baseball on just about every night.

As always, I'm joining Anne and her co-host this month, Erin, to share what I'm currently...

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{planning} our vacation to Minneapolis. Later this month we are heading to stop number 3 on our ball park tour, Target Field in Minneapolis. It will be our first trip (other than visiting family) as a family of four, and I can't wait! As well as going to a Twins game, we also plan to go to the zoo, a children's museum, the library (a must-see for me!), and of course lots of restaurants. We also plan to meet up with Beth and her family for some ice cream. We've been blog buddies for years, so I can't wait to meet her in person!

{wishing} book-ish wishes. Summer is always busy, so my urge to read during my down time is always the strongest this time of year. I find myself wishing that I had more time for reading, or even better, a job that just paid me to read! I know that such a job doesn't exist, at least not in the way that I imagine. Along those lines, I also find myself daydreaming about finishing my MLS, which I started when I was pregnant with Jona and had to put on hold for a while. Now I know that being a librarian involves so much more than books and reading, but nevertheless it's a job I know that I would love.

{learning} how to childproof. You'd think with kid number two I'd be a pro at this, but we never really had to childproof much with Jona. Of course we did the basics, like covering outlets, putting away poisonous cleaners, and anchoring furniture to the wall, but otherwise he just didn't get into much. Violet is a different story--she is into everything! She makes a beeline for anything and everything, mostly things she's not supposed to have. We are having to step up our childproofing this time around for sure.

{browsing} ThredUp for bargains. I recently sent a clean out bag to ThredUp, and I'm hoping to get a little credit to shop. I've been doing a little searching for a denim skirt, white jeans, or some summer shoes.

{going} to the farmer's market. We live within walking distance of a farmer's market, and I hate to admit that it's one we still haven't visited. We've been to others in the area, just not the one closest to us, oddly. This weekend that will change though; we plan to go on Saturday morning. I can't wait to check it out (and hopefully come back many times this summer!).

What have you been up to so far in June? 


  1. A farmers market within walking distance sounds wonderful! I hope you all have a great time checking it out this weekend.

  2. Oh man my comment didn't stay here! : / Enjoy MPLS!! It's so fun! Go check out the big cherry and spoon at the art museum (sculpture garden which is free!) it's great for photos and kiddos! The view from the Guthrie Theater is awesome. And also free! Midtown Global Market is a great international food court. I love it. they have a fabulous bakery there that I cannot remember the name of. Check out my blog I think I have several posts with these things in it. :) XO - Alexandra

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