Live Your Best Life {for Less} Week 2

I'm running a little behind this week, but I wanted to share this week's prompts for my  Live Your Best Life (for Less) May calendar. I'd love for you to join me in any or all of these ideas, aimed at fostering more creativity, style, and contentment in your life. Have a great week!

  • {May 7} Weekly outfit inspiration: Stay tuned for a blog post tomorrow for ideas for these prompts. 
    • Neck scarf
    • Favorite stripes
    • Add bright shoes to a neutral look

  • {May 8} LYBL – Ignore your To-Do List and spend some time relaxing and doing activities that feed your soul. (It's Monday... your sanity will thank you.)

  • {May 9} - Budget Dinner @ Home: Chicken and Rice Fajitas in Foil (from Diethood)
    • Tip: don't add the cheese until right before you broil so that it doesn't melt and stick to the foil (learned that the hard way...)

  • {May 10} - LYBL – Try to clean up your inbox. If you already use it, take some time to update your roll-ups. 
    • I love because it keeps those tempting sale emails (I swear, is there ever a day when there's NOT a sale?) out of sight and out of mind. 

  • {May 11} - LYBL – Send your mom (or other important lady in your life) a card or letter letting her know how grateful you are for her. Don't forget, Mother's Day is Sunday!

  • {May 12} - Date night in! Play Trivial Pursuit, or another favorite board game, together.
    • Sure it's fun to go out for date nights, but it's not always practical. When we can't make it out of the house it's nice to stay in and spend quality time together after the kids are in bed. 

  • {May 13} - Sweet Treat: Strawberry Shortcake Bowls (strawberries, cubed pound cake, whipped cream)
    • You could use angel food cake instead of pound cake if you prefer, like I did here
If you try any of these, be sure to tag me (@shealennon) and use #LYBLforLess. 

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