$10 at Target: Cocktail Time

On my long list of things I love about spring, one that's at the top is eating outside. We have a covered patio in our back yard, so we've been taking advantage of outdoor dining pretty much every day the weather has allowed. Also, since Violet is just getting started with solids, outdoor dining means we don't have to worry about what she drops on the ground. (As you can imagine, Ellie, our dog, is ecstatic about this whole solid foods adventure.)

And what goes better with outdoor dining than a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail? This month I wanted to spend my $10 at Target on something I could use for outdoor eating or drinking. I saw this cute plastic stemless wine glass set for $9.99 and knew it would be perfect. They're meant for wine (and believe me, they'll get used for that plenty) but I thought it would also be fun to fill them with a fresh, light cocktail. 

Here are a few cocktails that I would love to pour in my new glasses, all pulled from my "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" Pinterest board.

Have you been eating outside lately? What's your favorite cocktail? 

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