Violet Lennon at 6 Months

What is it about 6 months? I feel like this is the age when it hits me that my little baby won't be a baby forever, and it breaks my heart! Of course I want her to grow and develop and have a little personality, but it's so bittersweet, you know? Anyway, here's Miss Violet's 6 month update.

{Violet at six months}

Weight - 14 lbs, 1 oz. She is up to the 14th percentile this month (from the 10th), and increase I wasn't too surprised about. She just seems to get chunkier every day! 

Length - 25.5 inches. This month she's in the 33rd percentile for height, whoa! I'm not sure even Jona has seen that high of a percentile for height--maybe she'll be tall (or just not short?). I'm totally kidding of course, I know that number can fluctuate quite a bit at this stage. 

{thighs! love.}

Sleep - I'm pretty nervous to jinx it, but sleep has been going better this month. We moved her bedtime up gradually from 8pm to 7pm and it's been going pretty well. She is TIRED by 7pm so usually has no problem going to sleep right away. She does wake up pretty early, but she often did that when her bedtime was later as well--typically she's up between 5 and 6am (unfortunately it's rarely 6 and often closer to 5). She has pretty much become a tummy sleeper, but now can (sometimes) roll back over. Naps are pretty unpredictable. She takes 3 naps a day, but they vary in length from 30 minutes to (very rarely) 2 hours. I'll live with an unpredictable nap schedule though if she's sleeping at night! 

Eating -  Violet is drinking 5 bottles of breast milk a day, between 5 and 6 oz a bottle. We're planning on starting solids soon (as I mentioned recently, we're going to try Baby Led Weaning) so I'm looking forward to that! 

Clothing - Just like her brother, her age and size match up so far. She's wearing all 6 month stuff now, and a few 3-6 month items. I did learn that she has short, fat feet--I bought a cute pair of 3-6 month shoes to go with her Easter dress and they fell right off those chubby feet! 

Mood - Except between the hours of about 5 and 7pm, Violet is a pretty happy camper! She's been smiling and babbling a lot, and occasionally she'll grace us with a laugh.

Milestones - She's still doing a lot of rolling from back to tummy. This month, while she's still not doing it consistently, she's been getting better at turning back over from her tummy to her back. She hasn't yet figured out that rolling will get her places, but she is trying to "inchworm" while on her tummy to move forward--it's kind of funny to watch. We also put away the swing, as she's nearly outgrown it, and instead set out an Exer-Saucer for her to play in. She likes it for short periods of time. 

Favorite things - playing with her pacifier, her elephant taggie toy, plastic rings, Jona, my teething necklaces

Least favorite things - evenings, being stuck on her belly, when I leave the room

How we're doing - This month has been a much better one. Everyone is back to being healthy, and we've been sleeping better too. We've had some nice weather, which has helped as well. Last night we even ate outside, which I love! 

How big brother is doing - he's about the same. Sweet and funny one minute, screaming and throwing a fit the next. Luckily he is still pretty smitten with Violet, and loves to help with her and talk to her. I'm relieved that his "threenager rage" is directed at Aaron and I, and not her. 

Things I want to remember - She is getting so expressive! I love the faces she makes and the babbles and grunts as well. She's "talking" more and more, and she loves to hear the sound of her own voice and will squeal loudly just for fun. She loves just laying on the floor and hanging out with everyone--kicking her legs, turning over, chewing on her hands/teething toys. 

I shared this on Instagram, but this is what happens when I try to take pictures after 5 pm. Yikes! 

She's grown so much! 

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