Shopping Reviews: Spring Finds at Loft and Target

I may have done a little happy dance when I put my boots and heavy sweaters away for the year. However, when I surveyed what was left in my closet I found that spring was rather underrepresented in there. So, I did a little shopping. Come along with me to the fitting rooms at Loft and Target to see what I found!

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Loft Vine Ballet Neck Tee - Size S 

I saw a similar floral tee on Brooke of Pumps and Push Ups and loved it so much that I wanted to go out and find one like it. I was immediately drawn to the colors of this print and the navy blue background. I love that it has the fit and feel of a tee shirt, but looks a little dressier. It is thicker than regular tee shirt material, which I like. Also, it's 100% cotton, so I've been line drying it because I don't want it to get any smaller. I almost went with a medium but I like the way this size fits. This one was a keeper.

Once again, I love the print and colors of this blouse. Loft may be my favorite place for printed tops--they always have a lot to choose from. I did like this blouse; the length is perfect and the fit is great. However, I do NOT like tab sleeves. I have a few tab sleeve blouses that I like okay, but the tabs drive me crazy. I usually wear them unrolled, but I like to be able to roll the sleeves up, and they never look right when I do it. So I passed on this one. 

Other than jeans, I don't have a lot of pants that I like. While these don't really scream spring, they're neutral enough that I think I'll get plenty of wear out of them no matter the season. I love the way they fit. The waist is a little high, but I don't think that's a terrible thing (especially after two kids...). The print is subtle, yet I feel like it adds a little bit of fun to a plain pair of pants. Into the shopping bag they went! 

Loft Striped Lace Up Side Sweater - Size S

This was me trying a trend. I don't own anything that laces up like this, and I really liked this one. The fit was nice and loose, and hello, you know how I feel about stripes. Yet I couldn't quite convince myself that I needed to buy a sweater this time of year. So back on the hanger it went. I kind of miss it though.

{fitting room at Target}

My long sleeve button-up chambray shirt is one of my most-worn pieces, so while this sleeveless version isn't necessarily something I really need, I couldn't pass this up. The fabric of this shirt is so soft. Sometimes button-up shirts can be stiff, but this is the opposite. I know I will wear this shirt a ton. Keeper! 

I was actually looking for a white lace blouse like this one, but I actually like this navy version even more. It's a little hard to see the pretty detail from my sub-par iPhone picture, so I recommend you check it out on Target's site (linked above). I like that this top is soft, but structured, and not too fitted. This one joined the chambray shirt in my shopping bag. 

I've been wanting a lightweight peplum tee for some time now. I've seen so many cute ones on others, plus I like that they cover up my least favorite body part, my mid-section. I wanted more olive in my closet, so this was a no-brainer. 

This was on of those that I loved on the hanger, and pretty much hated on myself. The idea is so cute--the stripes, the button-up style. But I'm just not sure about midi skirts on me. I felt like Frumpy McFrumperson. This one was a no. 

I don't really need another striped shirt, yet I know that if I find a good one I'll wear the heck out of it. Right now I like a tee with a looser fit, so this one wasn't quite right. It also looked a little long, and the fabric was a little too thin for a shirt this fitted. Another no. 

Who What Wear Gingham Lace Birdcage Skirt - Size 6

Let's all have a good laugh, shall we? This skirt is doing absolutely nothing for me. The length is terrible, and the short lining makes it look cheap (at least on me). This unflattering little number joined its friends on the return rack. 

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Have you done any shopping lately?

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  1. I really enjoyed this kind of post! It's fun to go through your picks in the store and your thoughts on them. Love the olive shirt from target, and that floral shirt from Loft! I plan to pack up my fall and winter items this week, too:)


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