In My Library Tote: Preschool Books for April

Before I had Jona, I had forgotten just how enjoyable children's books can be. I've come to look forward to a fresh stack of children's books from the library almost as much as Jona does. It's partly because when he finds a favorite, he wants to read it ALL. THE. TIME. and I'm ready to send it back, but it's also because I truly enjoy a lot of what we read as well. C. S. Lewist famously said, “A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest,” and I think he has a point. This month's books had a little something for everyone: creative wordplay, beautiful illustrations, and humorous storytelling.

{april picture book recommendations}

{A Greyhound, a Groundhog by Emily Jenkins} This made for a fun, if a bit toungue-twisty, read aloud. Jenkins plays with words and sounds in her descriptions of these two animals, and the illustrations that accompany her clever phrases are beautifully done. 
     Toddler approved? Surprisingly, yes. There wasn't much of a story here, but Jona did enjoy this one. I think he liked the word play (and possibly his parents tripping over the words occasionally). 

{We Are In a Book! by Mo Willems} Can you tell we're big Mo Willems fans around here? This is another one from his Elephant and Piggie series, which we love. This time Gerald and Piggie discover that they are in a book, and much excitement ensues. 
     Toddler approved? Oh yes, Jona thought this one was hilarious. This was the favorite of the month. 

{The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee} From the moment the baby arrived, everyone knew that he was the boss. From constant meetings (often in the middle of the night) to visits to the private spa, the boss baby ensured that mom and dad put in their hours. 
     Toddler approved? Yes, Jona really enjoyed this one, despite not really understanding the humor. I got this one before I knew that there was a movie, but now of course he wants to see it. 

{Duck On a Bike by David Shannon} When a child leaves his bike outside unattended one day, Duck gets a crazy idea and decides to go for a spin. He rides by all the other farm animals, showing off his new find. Pretty soon a herd of children show up at the farm, and like the boy, they leave their bikes at the feet of several curious farm animals. 
     Toddler approved? Yes, this was a fun one. Jona loved the silly story, and I thought the illustrations, especially the expressions on the animals' faces, were perfection. 

{I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen} Bear's hat is missing, so he asks around to all the other animals to try to track it down. He doesn't have any luck, until Deer helps Bear to remember something very important. Pretty soon, Bear has his hat back, but something--well, someone--else goes missing. 
     Toddler approved? Yes, this was another entertaining one. I loved reading it as well; it was short and sweet, with wonderful pictures and a clever story with a snarky twist. 

Thinking of children's books you've read (either to your children, or as a child yourself), what is your favorite thing about the ones you love most? Also, if you have any we should read next, please share! 

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  1. Yes! Jon Klassen is from Winnipeg so we love getting his books! There are two more hat books I think we'll need to get asap! The best was when we gave this book to a friend when her son was born and a year later I made reference to the missing bunny and she had never caught on about that ending!


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