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At church this weekend, I volunteered in Jona's classroom (where he goes while we're at the "big church"). A woman was leading the kids, mostly 3-year-olds, in praise and worship, and she asked them, "Do you know what month it is?" Several little voices (including Jona's) piped up proudly, "Sunday!!!" I thought that was too cute not to share.

Speaking of sharing, as always I'm talking about what I'm up to currently this month and linking up with Anne and Jess. Happy Sunday, I mean, April!

{accomplishing} daily decluttering missions. In January, like the obedient little Upholder that I am, I joined a 52 Week Organized Home Challenge to try to tackle the clutter that has been taking over our house since we moved in over a year ago. Every day there's a 15 minute decluttering mission. While there have definitely been days that I've skipped, for the most part I'm following along and slowly, but surely, getting some crap out of my house. (And donating it, so that other people can have more crap in their homes! Full circle, people.)

{feeling} grateful. I mentioned this in last month's currently post, but my daily ritual of listing the things I'm grateful for during my evening shower is still going strong. I think Aaron likes this ritual too, because it means I usually apologize for my after-work/dinner/pre-bedtime chaos grouchiness. He usually tops my gratitude list, and I find I often need that reminder during this crazy season of our lives.

{needing} Easter outfit inspiration. Of course I found some adorable things for Jona and Violet, but while I did have some spring shopping luck recently, nothing felt very Easter-y. I'm thinking of wearing something I already have, but freshening it up with a new scarf and/or pair of sandals. Best place for springy, floral scarves? Go!

{practicing} patience and calm with toddler meltdowns. I recently shared a post on the Kansas City Moms Blog about a strategy that's helping me manage Jona's oh-so-frequent meltdowns and screaming bouts. I don't always keep my cool, but when I do I notice it makes a difference.

{pinning} baby-led weaning tips and ideas. I was intrigued with the idea of baby-led weaning when I had Jona, but ultimately just decided to go the traditional route with purees. However, after reading a few blog posts about it (like this one from Still Being Molly) I decided it would be worth trying with Violet. I bought a book about it, and while there are a few things that make me nervous about it (namely the mess, and choking risks--which are actually supposed to be less than the traditional feeding methods), I want to give it a go. I won't be starting just yet, I'll wait until she's at least 6 months (this month!!) and showing signs of interest and readiness, but I'll share how it goes if you're interested.

Well, that's what's been on my mind so far this glorious month. What is April bringing to you so far?

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