In My Library Tote: March Books for the Preschooler

I shared my recent reads on Wednesday, but I'm not the only one who's been a busy reader this month. Jona has been enjoying quite a few lately too, which makes my book-loving heart happy. Here are my preschooler picks for the month.

{Quit Calling Me a Monster by Jory John} The furry fellow with fangs and sharp claws is very upset that you keep calling him a monster. If you're going to call him anything, call him Floyd Peterson--that's his name!
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona thought this was hilarous. In the last year or so he's started to get nightmares and be afraid of the dark. I love books like this because they make things like monsters seem less scary.

{Nanette's Baguette by Mo Willems} What happens when Nanette gets to go on her first adventure to get the baguette? Well, the baguette is warm, the baguette smells wonderful... surely it will be okay if she just tastes a little of it. Right?
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this was a read-every-night book while we had it. And every night he would ask if we could have baguette like Nanette's baguette. This one was my favorite of the bunch.

{The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz} In this retelling of the three little pigs, the pigs learn martial arts to combat the huffing and puffing big bad wolf. The first two pigs don't complete their training, but the third pig successfully masters karate and puts the wolf in his place.
     Preschooler approved? I think that's the understatement of the month. We read this so much that Jona had this memorized, word for word. The highlights were when one of the pigs tells the wolf he'll kick his big butt (because for a three year old boy, the word "butt" is HILARIOUS) and when the wolf says "Yo bacon!" to one of the pigs. This was Jona's favorite this month.

{Penguin Problems by Jory John} One penguin laments about his hard life until a random walrus stops him to tell him all the things he should appreciate. But can a walrus really understand penguin problems? Like when everyone looks just like you, or when it's just too bright out...
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this one got a lot of laughs. We kept calling it "Penguin Probs" just to be funny, and Jona loved that too. It's pretty perfect for this age--the whiny penguin sounded pretty familiar, just like a little boy who is overdue for a nap, not that I have any experience with that first hand.

{The Lending Zoo by Frank Asch} The zoo in this story is like a library; you check out zoo animals the same way you would a library book. However, there's a problem at the lending zoo: Pancake, the tiger, has gone missing! Will they be able to follow his tracks and find him, so that they can get back to loaning out animals?
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona liked this one, although it wasn't nearly as popular as the other picks for the month.

Have you found any good picture books lately? What books did you love as a child? 

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