Goals for March

We're three months in to 2017, and I'm finally getting around to writing a monthly goals post. Writing out my goals, and sharing them here, helps me to take the steps to actually get things done. However, this year my goal setting will be more reflective of my current season of life, so I'm going to try to only focus on a handful of items, rather than a big list.

Anyway, here's what I hope to accomplish in March.

{gratuitous funny baby pic... #sorrynotsorry}


Organize and print digital photos. Is this not the worst thing ever? I have all my photos on Google Photos, but I'd like to organize them within that, so that I can easily create photo albums. I'd also like to get some of our family photos printed and hung up in our house (imagine that!). I've had this as a goal for the last several months, I'm hoping the luck of the Irish is with me this time... 


Get back into a routine that works for me. Before Violet was born, I had a pretty good blogging schedule and system going. I don't want to set unrealistic expectations for myself, and I'm also okay with not having a strict schedule to follow. However, I'd like to at least get back to planning ahead on my editorial calendar, and scheduling out a few posts ahead of time if possible. Additionally, I want to get back to joining in linkups and reading and commenting on more blogs when I can. 


Try two new breakfast recipes and one new salad recipe. I mentioned in my Currently post Wednesday that I'm in a breakfast rut once again, so I'm hoping to find some inspiration on my "breakfast" Pinterest board. Additionally, I need more vegetables in my life, but since I'm the only salad eater at my house I rarely make them. However, I love salad, so I'm thinking if I could prep ahead it would be the perfect thing to take to work for lunch. 

What are your goals this month?

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  1. Scheduling posts is the only way I make it through blogging it seems! I too am in a breakfast rut which is a bad thing since this is the one time I'm actually home and not rushed in the morning. I do tend to get more creative during smoothie season which should be coming up soon.


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