$10 at Target: Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring is my favorite season, and I love indulging in little things to refresh my makeup bag this time of year. For this month's $10 at Target, I bought a few beauty essentials for spring.

I rarely paint my nails, but when I do I love light, neutral colors. (Maybe because it's not as noticeable when it starts to chip...) For $1.99 I figured this one was worth picking up even if I only manage to get my nails painted a couple of times.

This pretty, peachy shade of blush (ELF Twinkle Pink) was only $3, and it looks like a great everyday color. I know I'll wear it a lot this spring.

Finally, I picked up a Lip Shimmer from Burt's Bees ($4.99). I love bright lipsticks and glosses, but what I reach for more than anything else are neutral shades. This one ended up being a little more coppery than I prefer, but I know I'll still wear it quite a bit.

For just $10, I think I did pretty well! Have you found anything fun at Target lately?

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