Valentine's Day Kid Picks

Valentine's Day may be focused on romance, but I'm more excited about what I'm getting for Jona and Violet than what Aaron and I will be doing (which will be nothing... he has to work that night). Like a lot of holidays, to me Valentine's Day is made even more fun with little ones.

I've been having fun perusing all the adorable Valentine's Day stuff for kids, so I put a little list together of some of my favorites. Here are a few adorable Valentine's Day gift ideas for the little in your life.

I'm excited to go to my first school Valentine's Day party this year, at Jona's preschool. Other than that I'm just looking forward to having a date night one of these days, even if it's a stay-in date night. What are your Valentine's Day plans? 

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  1. How cute!!! Love all the valentine's day baby stuff!

  2. Romance must be lacking around here. I read you were hoping for a date one of these nights and assumed you meant with Jona. No, you probably meant with your man. Needless to say, no Valentine's Day plans around these parts.


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