Violet at 3 Months

It's been 3 months now that my little Violet made her entrance into the world. So much has changed since then; I started back at work and big brother Jona started preschool. Time continues to fly by and this sweet girl of mine continues to grow and change.

{Violet at three months}

Weight - I'm not sure, but if I had to guess I bet she's around 11 pounds or so.

Length - Again, I don't know, but she's really filling out her 3 month sleepers so she's definitely growing longer!

Sleep - I'm working on getting her in a consistent routine, at least on the days that she's home (she's at daycare 3 days a week). I'm pretty loosely following the Babywise schedule of feed, wake, sleep during the day in the hopes of getting longer stretches of sleep at night. We moved her to her crib this past weekend, and so far she's done really well. There have been some random super-early morning wake-ups, but in general she'll have her last feeding around 10:30 or 11pm and sleep until 5am or so. I'd like to move her bedtime earlier in the next few months, but for now I'd just like her to stay consistent with this schedule. (I can do the 5am wakeups, it's the 4am ones I struggle with!) Naps have been less predictable. She'll sleep for about 30-45 minutes, but then she'll wake up and I can't get her back to sleep unless I hold her. That's fine on the weekends, but when I'm working it's definitely challenging.

Eating - Violet is still exclusively drinking breastmilk from bottles, so the pump is basically my new best friend (more like frenemy). I have noticed that my supply has gone down a little since I've gone back to work, so I think I may try making some lactation cookies that I pinned.

Clothing - She is solidly in 3 month size clothes now, and most of her 0-3 month clothes fit too. I love putting her in cute little outfits, although I'd say she wears warm, fleece-y sleepers more than anything since it's cold in our house! Also, after months of her head being too small for her (growing) collection of headbands, most of them fit now.

Mood - Her moods are fairly predictable these days. She's happiest right after she eats, and that's when she smiles, coos, and talks the most. She'll stay happy for a while, but when she starts to get tired she sure lets us know. She's still not a big fan of evenings, so a lot of crying happens during that time of day too.

Favorite things - being held, laying on a soft blanket on the floor and kicking her legs, eating her hand, laying on the changing table, looking at and kicking her toys, swinging in her swing.

Least favorite things - tummy time, laying under the play gym (it must be too much going on for her right now), sitting in her bouncy seat, evenings.

How we're doing - Now that I'm back at work 3 days a week, we've been trying to get into a good rhythm. On the days I work at the office, I feel like evenings are a mad rush to fix dinner, feed Violet, pump, and do bedtime and bath-time routines. On the days I work from home, I'm definitely trying to figure out a good routine without going crazy. I knew it would be hard, but trying to work from home with both kids is a little insane right now.

How big brother is doing - He is doing great! I mentioned this in my "things making me happy" post, but he is doing so well at preschool. He loves it, and I'm amazed with his sudden interest in and success with potty training. And I didn't do anything this time... he just decided he wanted to give up diapers, so he did. I'm really proud of how much he has grown up in the last few months. He still loves his little sister and continues to try to share his toys with her. We have to remind him to give her space though--he always wants to be RIGHT in her face. I think he'll be really happy when she gets a little older and more responsive to him.

Things I want to remember - Going back to work has made me remember how short-lived these baby days are, so I'm trying to slow down and enjoy them whenever I can. Violet's sweet little smile melts my heart every time. Lately she'll just break into a grin when I'm trying to get her to go to sleep, and I can't not smile back at her. She's also coming really close to laughing--she'll make these little sounds that are almost like a chuckle. I can't wait to see her little personality develop.


  1. Awww that second outfit makes me smile! Charlotte had one like it in navy with white dots and it always made her look like a stuffy conservative "lady who lunches" Way cuter in Violet's colours!
    Arms out in the Halo sleep sack, eh? That's our goal here soon. We've had some good stretches of sleep (7 1/2 hours one night! And then 2 1/2 the next night) so I'm a little afraid to rock that boat. You are my hero for being able to do two kids and work. I'm barely dealing with two kids!

  2. Love reading this post! So fun to hear how she is doing and also helps me know what's normal/what to expect. She's precious! We are trying to loosely follow baby wise too. So glad Jona is doing so well too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Oh she's precious! Glad for the most part you're getting normal sleep. I hope that continues! It sounds like Jona is an awesome big brother , I also hope that continues :). You look lovely, too, Shea!


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