Easy Winter Style: Print Shirtdress with Burgundy Cardigan

It's safe to say I'm not yet back in the swing of taking outfit pictures, and with highs in the 20s and below last week the thought of going outside to take them brought icy little tears to my eyes. However, instead of waiting for the perfect day, or the perfect outfit, as my perfectionism is wont to do, I'm just jumping in.

So, here's an outfit. I wore it to church over the weekend. It was a church service that Violet completely slept through (victory!), and one that Jona, despite having some success at potty training the past couple of days, insisted he wear diapers for (fail!). Things I'm learning: there's not enough wine in the world when it comes to potty training, and baby sleep habits are completely unpredictable.

What has 2017 been teaching you lately?

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar) | shirtdress: Ann Taylor Factory (cute plaid option) | earrings: Nickel and Suede | boots: Crown Vintage (similar)

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar) | shirtdress: Ann Taylor Factory (cute plaid option) | earrings: Nickel and Suede

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  1. It's not a fail! It's just a toddler exercising his independence! C hasn't pooped in days because we mentioned potty training. I think the "potty train in one weekend" craze may work but I'm all for taking a slow approach and letting C go at her own pace (then again, I might have a different opinion once she's at Jona's age!)


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