My Tips for Dressing Your Postpartum Body

They often call the couple of months after you have a baby the "fourth trimester" because your body, while no longer pregnant, is still a far cry from what it was before sperm met egg. While it's not always the most fun to get dressed during this time, to me it's not the most challenging. For me at least, in those first couple of months if it doesn't have an elastic waistband, it ain't happening. Despite my lack of athleticism I embraced the athleisure trend fully and unapologetically during my most recent "fourth trimester."

What I find trickier is the time after that; when you want or need to wear pants of the non-yoga variety, perhaps even a pair that buttons and zips. Maybe you're going back to work and need to look professional, or you're just tired of looking like you just got back from a workout.

I struggle with this in-between time, because while most of my regular clothes technically fit, they don't fit quite like they did before I was pregnant. Here are a few tips that help me dress my postpartum body comfortably and confidently.

In My Library Tote: Recent Reads

It's been a while since I've shared what I've been reading lately. Despite the craziness of life right now with two little ones, I still try to make time every day to read a little bit. I feel like it keeps me sane more than anything else... or at least as much as wine does. I typically try to share what Jona has enjoyed as well, but somehow my short term memory disappeared around the time Violet was born and I can't for the life of me remember what we've read! To remedy that I'm starting to track what we read in my bullet journal, so hopefully by next month I'll be back with some preschool recommendations. Anyhow, here's what I've been reading.

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Violet at 3 Months

It's been 3 months now that my little Violet made her entrance into the world. So much has changed since then; I started back at work and big brother Jona started preschool. Time continues to fly by and this sweet girl of mine continues to grow and change.

$10 at Target: Office Supply Haul

After being on maternity leave since mid-October, going back to work after the new year wasn't easy. In a way, I was ready to have somewhere to go every day, but after two full months of quality mom time I dreaded going back. To ease the transition a little, I decided to treat myself to a few items that would make going back to work a little more fun.

Like I mentioned in Friday's post, I got a Swell water bottle, a nice insulated thermos for my coffee, and a pretty (and functional) lunch bag. I also went to Target and indulged in some office goodies from the $1 spot. For just $10 (plus tax) here are all the fun things I picked up.

8 Things Making Me Happy

I've had a bit of writer's block lately, which I attribute to my current sleep-deprived state (thanks Violet). I was catching up on a few favorite blogs, and I was inspired by Anne's Things Making Me Happy post from this fall. I decided to make one of my own, because after another 4am wake-up, I could use a little dose of happiness.

So here are 8 things on my happy list.

Easy Winter Style: Print Shirtdress with Burgundy Cardigan

It's safe to say I'm not yet back in the swing of taking outfit pictures, and with highs in the 20s and below last week the thought of going outside to take them brought icy little tears to my eyes. However, instead of waiting for the perfect day, or the perfect outfit, as my perfectionism is wont to do, I'm just jumping in.

So, here's an outfit. I wore it to church over the weekend. It was a church service that Violet completely slept through (victory!), and one that Jona, despite having some success at potty training the past couple of days, insisted he wear diapers for (fail!). Things I'm learning: there's not enough wine in the world when it comes to potty training, and baby sleep habits are completely unpredictable.

What has 2017 been teaching you lately?

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar) | shirtdress: Ann Taylor Factory (cute plaid option) | earrings: Nickel and Suede | boots: Crown Vintage (similar)

Currently: January

Whoa, two posts this week! Things are getting pretty crazy over here. Actually it is pretty crazy, as this post goes live I will be starting back at work after being on maternity leave since October. It was wonderful to be able to be home for as long as I was, and while I dread leaving my babies I know it will be good to get back into a routine. Jona will be starting preschool and Violet is going to an in-home daycare, and I know they will both be well taken care of. I will still be home with them two days a week, which I'm so thankful for, although I know it will be quite a challenge to try to get work done those days.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Anne and Jessica to share what I'm currently...

Words of the Year for 2017 Plus a 2016 Recap

Happy New Year! New Year's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Something about starting a fresh new year (and a fresh calendar--this year I have Gretchen Rubin's Happier calendar) is so satisfying to me. I love setting goals and thinking about the things I want to accomplish in the coming year. However, I'm more of a starter than a finisher--unfortunately--so it's always a bit depressing to look at what I set out to complete but didn't.

The past couple of years I've chosen a word for the year, and I really like picking one thing to stay focused on. This year my indecisiveness kicked in and I ended up choosing two words, home and simplify. I may try to continue setting monthly goals, but I'll stick to these two words rather than setting yearly goals for 2017.

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