Guest Post: Emily from Darling, Dearest and a Classic Fall Look

I'm so thankful to feature a few of my favorite bloggers as guest posters while I spend time cuddling our new baby girl and adjusting to life as a family of four. 

Today I have Emily from Darling, Dearest sharing this gorgeous fall look. I'm so thankful to have "met" Emily online this past year. I'm always finding so much inspiration from her, from her honest, open posts on faith, to her effortlessly gorgeous style.

Hi everyone! Emily here from Darling, Dearest, and I'm so glad to be sharing Shea's space while she's loving on precious Violet! I'm a teacher in the beautiful North Carolina mountains and use my little space to talk a bit about life, style, and faith. I love the world that blogging has opened me up to, including getting to know friends like Shea! 

Darling, Dearest

Darling, DearestDarling, Dearest

This is definitely an outfit I plan on wearing to work (or gameday!) multiple times this fall. I love this skirt so much that I bought it in multiple colors - it's a very comfortable fit and has a flattering waist. I actually have it in two different sizes, but it's the type of skirt you can't tell thanks to the elastic waist. Anddd it's a great length for a teacher;) It's not on any major sale right now - but I'd definitely keep my eye out for it! J. Crew Factory often holds 50% off sales and that makes this skirt completely worth it.

Now the top? I never wear prints; namely because I have such busy hair! The curls have a mind of their own, so wearing a print can often make me have a whole lot going on. I saw this sweater on the J. Crew Factory website actually linked it in a post on my blog. It was one of those that I wanted so badly to love on but was really nervous due to my apprehension for prints. I asked made my husband go on a Friday afternoon shopping date and ended up loving it the second I had it over my head. I can't wait to wear it layered with a white button up, and think it would look so very classy with a pair of khakis! (It currently is 50% off!:))

I just like that an outfit that works for all types of fall weather. Lightweight sweaters, easy skirts, and boots? This was a day in the 60s and I was completely comfortable. I could also through on a jean jacket or leggings and make it suitable for chillier days.

Thank you so much, Shea, for letting me take over for the day! I'd love to connect with y'all! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Come be a friend:)!

Thanks so much Emily! I love this look and I think the leopard print looks great on you. I'm also going to have to pick up one of those skirts!

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