Guest Post: Mica from Away from the Blue and Maxi Skirt Style

I'm so thankful to feature a few of my favorite bloggers as guest posters while I spend time cuddling our new baby girl and adjusting to life as a family of four. 

Today I'm welcoming Mica from Away from the Blue, an Australian blogger who I'm happy to have gotten to know over the past year or so. She is a mom of two boys, a toddler and a baby she welcomed just a few months ago. I loved her maternity style posts and continue to be inspired by her fun, yet functional style, as she navigates life as a new mom of two. Thanks so much Mica for guest posting today!

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt In Fall

Hi! I'm Mica, a petite personal style blogger from Australia. While Shea is enjoying the newborn cuddles and adjusting to life with two kids, I'm helping out by writing a guest post with some Fall maxi skirt outfit ideas! Thanks to Shea for the guest post opportunity! As a mum of two boys I know the initial adjustment days can be tough, but the extra cuddles and love make it so worth it.

Despite being petite I'm a big fan of maxi skirts even if a few need hemmed first... I like to wear them year round. Luckily it doesn't snow in Brisbane so there's nothing stopping me from wearing them in winter. Although it's spring here now, it was only a couple of months ago I was layering up my maxi skirts.

I wanted to share three different ways to wear maxi skirts for Fall (or Winter, if it's not snowing where you are!).

Maxi Skirts and Scarves

My favourite thing about cooler weather is the opportunity to get all my scarves out again! Scarves can add more interest to your outfit with print or colour, and they pair nicely with maxi skirts. Often you just need a little extra something to keep you cosy in the cooler Fall mornings and evenings, and big blanket scarves are perfect for that.

Maxi Skirts and Knits

Because I'm Australian I call these knits 'jumpers' but you might know them better as 'sweaters'. They are an easy way to add more warmth to a maxi skirt, and you can even layer them over a maxi dress in the cooler weather too! As you can see from the pictures, blue is easily my favourite colour!

Maxi Skirts and Leather Jackets

Due to the humid temperatures in Brisbane I don't get to wear my leather jackets very often, so when it is cool enough I'll wear them with everything - including maxi skirts! It's a great way to toughen up a plain maxi skirt outfit.

While maxi skirts might not be suitable in cold Winter temperatures, you can definitely extend the wear of your maxi skirts through Fall using the layering pieces above. You can always add some leggings underneath, and boots too if it's really chilly but you still want to wear a skirt.

Hopefully this post gave you some Fall fashion inspiration! Do you wear maxi skirts in cooler weather? What are your style tips?

You can see more maxi skirt styling on my blog Away From The Blue, and follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if you like.

Thanks again Mica! I know I'll be living in comfy maxi skirts this fall, so I can't wait to recreate a few of these looks! 

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