October Clothing Budget

Happy Halloween! Don't you hate it when it falls on a Monday? Violet and I will be staying in and passing out candy, but Aaron is taking Jona around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Last year all Jona cared about was the candy, but this year he's pretty enthused about the whole ordeal. I'll be sharing the kids' costumes (nothing fancy!) on Instagram and Snapchat (@shealennonblog) later today.

Before the month is over I wanted to share my October budget. I didn't do a lot of shopping this month but I did pick up a few fun things.

{my clothing budget: October 2016}

October clothing budget | www.shealennon.com

H&M - Imitation Suede Biker Jacket in dark camel: $50 (on sale, $20 off)
Target - Merona Felight Fedora Hat in gray: $20
Little Unicorn - Marindale Backpack in gray: $90

Total spent: $175

The jacket and hat were items I've had on my want list for a while. I originally had in mind a black faux leather jacket, but I couldn't pass up this camel version when I saw it on sale on H&M's website. The hat was an impulse purchase at Target, but all summer long I talked about getting a hat and never did, so I'm glad I finally found one I liked for fall. The backpack is a practical purchase--I needed a diaper bag for Violet and so far I love this roomy backpack version. Finally, I bought several items to wear at home post-baby, but this top is one that to me counts as "regular" clothing and not just lounge wear (which I don't include in my monthly budget posts). 

What did you purchase this month?

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