September Goals and August Goal Review

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family and personal life. 

Writing down and sharing my goals each month helps me stay on top of them. Here are my goals for September (plus how I did in August). What goals are you setting this month?

August Goal Recap


1. Hang pictures that we already have.  Hey, I suck at this... still no. 

2. Make a plan for what we need to buy for nursery, and start clearing out the room.  Well, I haven't done much but I have a plan. I've started clearing out a few things, but we have our work cut out for us still. 


1. Apply for campaigns on affiliate network(s). No, unfortunately. The bulk of my blogging work is done during the evening hours, after I put Jona to bed, and lately I've been completely zapped of energy. 

2. Step up my Instagram hashtag game. Yes, for my style posts especially I did some hashtag research and it has made a difference. Now I need to do the same for lifestyle and food-related posts. 

3. Reach out to (at least) 1 brand. Again, no. 

{Family / Fun}

1. Start calling preschools and narrow down options for Jona for January. Yes! We've visited two preschools already and are headed to another next week. I think we have some good options to choose from. 

2. Plan/have Jona's 3rd birthday party. Yep. Read my post about his party here

3. Try new hairstyles. I did do a better job of this last month. I still haven't mastered any braids, but I have tried a few different styles. I tried to document them a little on Snapchat (I'm @shealennonblog) but learned quickly that it's hard to get hair shots, especially in the back! 

September Goals


1. Start putting together Violet's nursery. Since we're expecting her next month (eek!) we really need to get her nursery put together. She may not sleep there right away, but I want to be prepared in case. Jona only slept in our room for a month (he just didn't get good sleep in our room but LOVED his crib from day one). 

2. Hang some dang pictures. Ridiculous, right? 


1. Apply for campaigns on affiliate networks. Making a little extra money before I'm out on maternity leave doesn't sound like a bad idea, so I really need to do this. 

2. Find guest-posters for maternity leave. I would love to feature a few bloggers for some fall-related posts during late October / early November while I have my hands full with a newborn and toddler. If you'd be interested in helping me out, shoot me an email at (shealennon @ gmail . com). 

3. Start planning some posts in advance to schedule post-baby.  In addition to guest posts, I'd also like to get ahead of the game enough to have a few posts stored up. In the past I've been terrible about this, but I'm really going to try so that I can still put out content consistently. 

{Family / Fun} 

1. Plan outfits and details for family photos. We're having family pictures taken this month, so I need to figure out a few details, like what we'll be wearing and where we'll go. 

2. Organize digital photos and get some printed. After doing so well with this last year (until we moved, that is), this year my photos are a mess. They live on my phone or my computer, and I rarely get them printed. Also, I had high hopes of making a digital photo album of some kind, and that hasn't come close to happening. 

3. Do a Pinterest DIY. More specifically, I'd like to DIY something for the nursery, I'm just not sure what yet. This little pom pom garland looks fun, or maybe something ice cream-related. 

What are your goals this month? 

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  1. I really like how you separate your goals into different sections. Such a smart idea! I tend to have a few official "goals" and then other scattered things I want to do in a month... categorizing could really help. And I feel the same way about some of my goals (especially ones I've set multiple times), like "REALLY?! You're doing [whatever] this month FOR REAL!!!" haha


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