September Clothing Budget

This month I had some fun shopping for fall, which I've really been looking forward to. I'm definitely ready for cooler weather, and wearing layers that will work just as well with a bump as without. I'm happy to report that all my purchases this month will work both now and later, which makes both me and my wallet happy.

{my clothing budget: September 2016}

What I added to my fall wardrobe - September |

ThredUpJ.Crew Wool Schoolboy Blazer in navy: $46 - worn here
Old Navy - Sueded Tassel Hobo Bag: $15 (40% off) - worn here
ThredUp - Merona plaid blazer: $11 (similar pictured)
ThredUp - Loft Cardigan in olive green: $14 - worn here (similar pictured)
ThredUp - J.Crew knit maxi skirt in navy/burgundy stripe: $19 - worn here (similar pictured)
ThredUp - Gap Cable Cardigan in navy blue: $13 (similar pictured)
ThredUp - Loft Navy Striped Cardigan: $23 (similar pictured)

Total spent: $141

This month’s purchases were all about fall, and all about ThredUp. I went a little cardigan crazy in my first order, and found 3 that will be great for the coming seasons. In that same order, I had to send back a cute faux leather moto jacket and two pairs of maternity pants, all of which were laughably small on me. I opted for the store-credit return, then turned around and ordered two blazers and a maxi skirt. I’ve had my eye on a navy blazer for a while now, and I think $46 on a new-looking J.Crew one is money well spent. And though Aaron gave it considerable side-eye, I love the cute new-with-tags plaid one from Target as well. Finally, after seeing it on Lydia’s blog, I couldn’t pass up the gray cross-body bag from Old Navy for $15… and then proceeded to go a little crazy on toddler boy clothes there as well. I think I got a whole heck of a lot for my money this month, and what’s more, they’re all really versatile, wearable pieces that will last me a while (with the possible exception of the cheap-o bag and bold plaid blazer). 

{clothing budget for Jona: September 2016}

Fall clothes for toddler boy - what I bought |

Old Navy - Color Block Raglan Tee for Toddler in gray stripe: $7 (40% off) - worn here
Old Navy - Graphic Tee for Toddler in lake effect bear: $7 (40% off)
Old Navy - Striped Crew Neck Tee for Toddler in blue and red stripe: $6 (40% off)
Old Navy - Skinny Jeans for Toddler in Sheri: $12 (40% off)
Old Navy - Gray Skinny Jeans for Toddler: $12 (2 pairs - 2T, 3T, 40% off)
Old Navy - Skinny Pop-Color Khakis for Toddler in yellow (currently sold out, but lots of other colors available): $10 (40% off)
Old Navy - Jersey Joggers for Toddler in dark steel: $7 (40% off)
ThredUp - Old Navy Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt in black gingham: $6 (similar pictured)
ThredUp - OshKosh B'gosh Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt in blue plaid: $4 (similar pictured)

Total spent: $83

I’m so predictable. Old Navy’s 40% off sales get me every time, I swear! But Jona really did need some new clothes for fall, and while I’d like to have more brand-variety in his closet, I just couldn’t pass up this cute stuff at these prices. He’s at daycare every day, so more than anything he just needs basics that he can run and play in. I like to dress him up a little more for church and other outings on the weekends, so it’s fun to have some button-ups and colored khakis to choose from as well. 

Did you buy anything fun this month? 

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