Jona Turns 3: A Royal Party Recap

Over the weekend we celebrated Jona's 3rd birthday with a Royals themed party. He's pretty obsessed with baseball and the KC Royals right now, so he was thrilled when I suggested we make that his party theme.

We had baseball park-friendly snacks, like popcorn and pretzels. Instead of cake, I made cookie pies from this recipe (as seen on Anne's blog). For goodie bags, I just bought simple white bags and drew on stitches to make them look like baseballs... easy peasy. 

Inside the goodie bags were the yo-yos I painted (idea from Say Yes) and "play ball" slap bracelets. 

We tried something new this year and had his party at a gym instead of at our house. It's a little bit more expensive to go that route, but with as hot as this summer has been we didn't want to plan a lot of outdoor activities at our house and have everyone stuck inside and bored. The gym was a hit though, there were plenty of things to do for kids Jonas age, older, and even the ones who were barely walking. 

Other highlights from the weekend included getting this Big Wheel from his grandma and papa. Those poor little short legs of his need to grow a little before he does much riding--he still can't quite reach far enough to pedal. #shortkidproblems 

His cousins from out of town also came to visit for the party, and Jona had a blast with them. Trying to get all three of them to cooperate for a picture was quite the Olympic event though... this was the best I got. You can tell who loves getting her picture taken! 

I'd say Jona's third birthday was a success! Do you remember your birthday parties as a kid? What was your favorite one? 

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