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I say this every month, but I really think July wins the "fastest month ever" award, if such an award existed. It's bittersweet to see it go, as it means summer is no longer in its prime (although the hot weather here is a reminder that it's far from over).

As always, I'm linking with Anne and Dana to share what I'm currently...

{hearting} little girl clothes. I thought I had it bad wanting to buy everything in sight for Jona, but the sheer quantity of adorable little girls' clothes out there is downright dangerous for my budget. Plus, with several friends who have daughters (and are generous enough to share), I think it's safe to say that little Violet (you guessed right Erica!) is going to be one stylin' gal. 

{watching} all the baseball. It is all baseball all the time around here. When we're not watching the Royals on TV, we're watching Jona swing his bat, indoors or out. He's a loyal Royals fan, and especially loves our catcher, Salvador Perez. He wants to run the bases, hit the ball, and slide "just like Salvy does." 

{exploring} ice cream in Kansas City. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a borderline ridiculous amount of ice cream from me this summer. I'm making it one of my summer goals to explore the best ice cream spots here in Kansas City, to share in an upcoming blog post, of course! It's all for the sake of research... 

{creating} plans for a birthday party. Jona turns 3 this month, and his party theme is all about (what else?) baseball. I found these adorable DIY yo-yos on Say Yes, which I plan on making for the occasion.  I'm still brainstorming the details, but I think peanuts and cracker jacks will be in order. 

{eating} breakfast anytime. We found (thanks to my mom) a little diner not too far from us, and they serve breakfast all day. Breakfast foods have been a big craving for me, pretty much this whole pregnancy, so I try to talk Aaron into going on a nearly weekly basis. Waffles, eggs, sausage, French toast... I just can't get enough. 

What have you been up to lately? 

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