Chatting with Jona {At Almost 3}

On Monday, my sweet boy will turn 3, so I thought this would be a good time to share a few funny things he's been saying lately. He's always been pretty chatty, and I love hearing a little snippet of what's going on inside that curly head of his. I hope you'll enjoy (and get a laugh) as well.

Aaron is giving Jona a hug; “Don’t squeeze me daddy, I’m not squeezy applesauce!”

I have no idea why, but when Jona meets someone new he likes to announce his footwear. He’ll say “Sandals today!” or “New shoes again!” (even if they’re not new shoes). I can appreciate the enthusiasm, I'm quite a shoe gal myself. 

Lately when Jona wants to do something, he’ll say “Hey, I have a really good idea…” 

We had a conversation about strangers after having a bizarre encounter with an overly-friendly neighbor.
     - Jona: “I’m not going to talk to strangers.” 
     - Me:  “Yes, that’s good.” 
     - Jona: “Just girls".  And, it begins. 

I bought Jona a new toothbrush and when he noticed, he said “New toothbrush?” I said it was. Excitedly, he goes, “That’s what I’m talking about!!”

Jona has been obsessed with baseball, running the bases, and “sliding” lately. He had a blister on his foot and after running “the bases” (our living room) and sliding, he cried “ow!” in pain. I told him to maybe take a break from sliding for a while so his blister can heal. He goes, “Well, Salvy [his favorite Royals player, Salvador Perez] still slides if he’s hurt.” Baffled, I tell him, “Um, Salvy gets paid a lot of money to do that buddy.” 

Me: “Jona, would you put your laundry in the basket?” Jona: “Sure! I’d love to!” (If only that enthusiasm would last…) 

“It sure is cold in here,” says Jona after coming in from outside. 

In the morning, I like to ask Jona what he dreamed about the night before. The other day he said he dreamed about me. I asked, “What was I doing in the dream? Was I playing?” Jona: “No, you were just relaxin’.”

Me: “Jona, do you want to help daddy with the yard work when we get home?” Jona: “Yes! Things are looking up!”

I'd love to hear the funny things your kids (or the kids in your life) are saying. Share with me in the comments! 


  1. So sweet!!! I miss that age! Teenagers aren't as sweet!! Lol!

  2. This is hilarious! Kids crack me up. Love this post.


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