August Clothing Budget

August can be a tough month for shopping, for me at least. Fall stuff is everywhere, but since it’s still so hot out I have a hard time getting too excited about cool-weather gear. However, I did find some fun things for me, and even more for Jona this month. Here’s what I bought.

{my clothing budget: August 2016}

What I added to my closet in August - a few good deals plus a fun dress from Pink Blush Maternity

Versatile Neutral Cardigan: Summer and Fall Staple

Lately I’ve been the cardigan queen. Whether it’s been scorching hot like it has been most of the summer, or muggy and rainy like recent days, it’s the perfect lightweight layer to toss in my bag and pull out when I need it. Plus, they fit me no matter how big this bump gets…

I recently picked up this slouchy oatmeal-hued one when Gap was having a sale, and it’s been on pretty frequent rotation. The color is a great go-with-everything neutral, and I love the thin fabric that will work both now and later with layers this fall. It’s the perfect piece to complete this simple jeans + stripes look, which is an easy outfit to grab when I feel like giving my dresses a break.

I love cardigans so much that I just scooped up 3 in a recent ThredUp order. What have you been shopping for lately?

Late summer / early fall outfit idea - neutral cardigan, striped top, jeans, and colorful necklace |

Cardigan: Gap | striped tank: Bumpstart, borrowed (similar, non-maternity) | jeans: Old Navy | necklace: c/o Uncommon Goods | shoes: Target (similar)

Best Ice Cream in Kansas City: 5 Must-Visit Shops

I mentioned in previous posts that I was on a mission this summer to explore Kansas City’s best ice cream, and I think I’ve finally made my rounds. While I’m sure there are places I missed, today I’m sharing 5 ice cream shops worth visiting if you’re in Kansas City. (This was, hands down, the most fun I’ve had doing research for a blog post.)

{5 Don’t Miss Ice Cream Shops in Kansas City}

Kansas City has some excellent food, ice cream included. Here are 5 ice cream shops worth visiting if you're ever in the Kansas City area.

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks and Third Trimester Checklist

I'm officially in my third trimester now, which seems a little unbelievable. This pregnancy has sped by, and when I think about all I still need to do before little Violet arrives I panic a little. However, I'm getting more and more excited to meet her. Here's an update on how things are at 31 weeks.

Easy Fall Transition Outfit Idea: Dress + Vest

Dresses have been my go-to this summer, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I look forward to layering them this fall, although I do hope that the weather will stay nice enough that I don’t have to venture too far into the world of maternity tights.

For now though, I’ll keep wearing my summery dresses with sandals or espadrilles, but add little hints of fall when the weather is right. Since we’ve gotten a little break from the sweltering heat, I added my old but much-loved cargo vest (and since it was actually chilly yesterday morning before church, a cardigan too). This vest has been a favorite of mine since I bought it several years ago; I love how it is the perfect completer piece for a look that’s otherwise simple. I keep seeing new versions of this vest come out, so I’m glad to know that the rest of the world still loves the cargo vest as much as I still do.

Do you have an item in your closet that is several years old but still going strong?

Cardigan: Target (similar) | vest: Old Navy (similar) | dress: Old Navy Maternity (similar, non-maternity) | earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: Nordstrom (similar) | espadrilles: Loft (similar)

In My Library Tote: August Books for Mom and Toddler

Another month, another list of books that Jona and I have been enjoying. Keep reading to see what I thought of August's books.

{recent reads for mom}

Looking for a good book? Here are a few that I've recently read and enjoyed. Keep reading to hear my thoughts and see which one I recommend the most.

Jona Turns 3: A Royal Party Recap

Over the weekend we celebrated Jona's 3rd birthday with a Royals themed party. He's pretty obsessed with baseball and the KC Royals right now, so he was thrilled when I suggested we make that his party theme.

We had baseball park-friendly snacks, like popcorn and pretzels. Instead of cake, I made cookie pies from this recipe (as seen on Anne's blog). For goodie bags, I just bought simple white bags and drew on stitches to make them look like baseballs... easy peasy. 

Mom and Toddler End of Summer Style: White Jeans and Plaid

It’s that funny time of year when I see fall items everywhere and I want to buy them all, but then I step outside into the blazing heat and somehow those coveted ankle boots no longer seem as appealing. So, rather than do what I did as an eager kid going back to school, I’m not wearing new fall clothes in the summer heat (although I must say I did, sweatily, rock those red plaid pants one memorable first day of school).

Since it’s Jona’s birthday today, I wanted to include him in this post and share how we’re making our wardrobes walk the line between summer and fall. For me, the summery element is this minty green tee, but both the white jeans and chambray shirt can easily be paired with more fall-friendly pieces when the temperatures drop. Jona can easily swap out his shorts for jeans and look just as handsome next season.

Of course, I still want to shop like crazy, but I think I’ll save wearing any cool-weather buys for a time when we have actual cool weather (imagine that!). Are you still embracing summer or are you ready to welcome fall? I’d love to hear if you’ve purchased anything for fall too!

Chatting with Jona {At Almost 3}

On Monday, my sweet boy will turn 3, so I thought this would be a good time to share a few funny things he's been saying lately. He's always been pretty chatty, and I love hearing a little snippet of what's going on inside that curly head of his. I hope you'll enjoy (and get a laugh) as well.

Spied it, Tried it: Chocolate Energy Bites

It’s an understatement that I indulge my sweet tooth from time to time, but otherwise I’m not typically a huge snacker. However, pregnancy has shaken up my typical eating habits, and now I’m not sure I could get through the day without a mid-morning and a late-afternoon snack. (Not to mention a post-Jona-bedtime bowl of ice cream, but we won’t talk about that one.)

Given my ice cream obsession, I try to keep the rest of my snacks relatively healthy. Fruit, cheese (shout-out to goat cheese, my fave!), and yogurt are all part of my regular rotation. However, sometimes I just need something sweet and chocolatey. I love the idea of “energy bites” because they seem to be the best of both worlds.

I have several different versions on my “Healthy Snacking” Pinterest board, and honestly I’d like to work my way through all of them.

Need a healthy snack? Keep reading for a round up of yummy chocolate energy bites. |

Striped Maxi Skirt and Striped Closet MVPs

I don’t think it’s any secret that my favorite pattern is stripes. I could probably wear a different striped item of clothing or accessory every day for, well, many many days. My go-to striped piece tends to be a top, but because the print is so versatile, it works on pretty much anything else too.

I bought this striped maxi skirt when I was pregnant with Jona, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it during this pregnancy too. I’m not sure there’s a more comfortable thing in my closet, which makes it even more appealing. I wore this on a Friday for work, then on a family ice cream outing (I swear, we do eat other foods!) and felt plenty comfy, yet put together all day.

It’s hard to pick I know, but what’s your favorite way to wear stripes?

Striped maxi skirt with white tee and bright accessories - summer outfit idea |

White tee: Old Navy Maternity (similar) | striped maxi: Target (similar, only $13!) | earrings: Etsy (similar) | necklace: Anthropologie (similar) | sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

August Goals and July Goal Review

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family and personal life. 

Currently: August

I say this every month, but I really think July wins the "fastest month ever" award, if such an award existed. It's bittersweet to see it go, as it means summer is no longer in its prime (although the hot weather here is a reminder that it's far from over).

As always, I'm linking with Anne and Dana to share what I'm currently...

Versatile Floral Wrap Dress and $75 PinkBlush Giveaway *closed*

I’ve reached a point both in summer and in my pregnancy that anything I think about adding to my wardrobe, ideally, needs to transition well to fall and to post-pregnancy. With this dress that the lovely folks at PinkBlush sent me, I happily checked both boxes.

I discovered PinkBlush from reading blogs, and I fell in love with their selection of cute maternity clothes. They offer numerous non-maternity styles as well, but it was their wide variety of maternity dresses that made my dress-loving heart so happy.

You know I’ve been living in dresses all summer, so adding another dress to my closet seemed like a smart choice. However, I wanted one that will work just as easily on its own while it’s hot out as with a cardigan and boots come October. And, because the wrap-style is nursing-friendly as well I know I’ll be able to continue to wear it once sweet baby V (yes, we’ve settled on a name...any guesses?) arrives.

How about you, do you have fall in mind, or are you still happily shopping for summer?

Versatile floral wrap dress with gold accessories for summer |

{28 weeks}

Wrap dress: c/o PinkBlush Maternity | earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: MODE | sandals: Target (similar)