Weekend Trip to Nashville: Favorite Eats, Sights, and Sounds

Over the weekend Aaron and I took a trip to Nashville with a few friends. I've never been there before, and although it was a very quick trip it was a blast. It was the longest time we've been away from Jona too, but he had too much fun at his grandma and papa's to miss us much.


Of course, some of the highlights of the trip for me involved food. We got there Friday morning and went to Biscuit Love for breakfast, and I had a delicious SEC (sausage, egg, and cheese) sandwich (pictured on the bottom right). 

Saturday morning's breakfast was also memorable: eggs benedict with hash browns (pictured above top left) at The Row (where the group picture was taken above). To balance things out I also split an order of beignets with Aaron. That may have been my favorite meal of the trip... it was heavenly. 

We were sitting at a bar on Broadway and Aaron and I were both craving pizza. We set out to try to find some and discovered the place across the street, The Stillery, was known for their pizza. I ordered the Hot Chicken Pizza (top right picture) and WOW it was wonderful. 

Of course, you know I couldn't leave Nashville without finding some ice cream, so my best friend Abby and I ventured to Mike's Ice Cream to test it out. She had chocolate raspberry truffle and said it was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate overload. 


So, obviously I didn't do any drinking on this trip. It was a little unfortunate, because it does get old ordering water bar after bar (although I did request a Shirley Temple with my pizza #socool). We spent most of our time on Broadway street, but I learned that if you want to save some money on drinks go to the bars on 2nd street. Also, a few of the bars we visited had "adult milkshakes" on the menu, which I will definitely be sampling the next time I visit. 


Hands down, my favorite part of Nashville was the music. Other than the tour I'll talk about below, all we did was walk around and listen to the live music that played everywhere we went. At first I though we were just getting lucky, but soon I realized that Nashville is teeming with talented musicians. We saw a great swing-style rock band, lots of amazing country bands, and even a band whose lead singer is from Kansas City (the band pictured on the bottom, above). 


Johnna, one of my friends who went with us, has been to Nashville several times, and she booked us on the Music City Rollin' Jamboree bus tour. It was a comedy, sing-along, and historical tour wrapped into one. It was a blast, I definitely recommend it if you visit. Be warned, they do pick on people though--Abby got called up to sing along to a song she didn't know! 


On the tour, we made a pit stop at The Johnny Cash Museum and the Goo Goo candy shop. The line at the museum was really long, so it broke my heart (ha!) to have to visit the candy shop instead. I bought a Goo Goo Peanut Butter Cluster, and left wishing I had bought a whole tin of them. Yum! Two other things I saw a lot of in Nashville: taxidermy and tip jars. I took a few pictures of the former, and made lots of deposits into the latter. Although you definitely have to plan for tipping the band in your budget, when you think about what you would spend on concert tickets you still get quite a bargain.

I couldn't resist a picture with this gorgeous wing mural--isn't it amazing? 

Have you been to Nashville? 

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