Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks and Second Trimester Wardrobe Staples

At 21 weeks, I’m well into my second trimester and thought I would share an update on how this pregnancy is progressing. In my last pregnancy post at 16 weeks, my belly was just starting to show and I was still able to squeeze myself into many of my regular clothes, and that first trimester exhaustion had just started to dissipate.

{my pregnancy at 21 weeks}

Feeling? Pretty good overall. A few weeks ago I was battling some pretty severe headaches, almost daily, but those seem to be going away. With the exception of that, I’ve still been feeling great!

Size of baby? This week, she's being compared to either a carrot or baby bok choy. Why is it always food?

Movement? At about 18 weeks or so I started feeling some flutters, and now I’m feeling a lot more than that. This little girl moves around a lot, especially at night!

Weight gain? At my doctor’s appointment last week, my weight was up by 8 pounds (which seems like a lot!), making my total weight gain 13 pounds. She said that was normal, but I think I’m going to try not to get too carried away with the whole “eating for two” mentality. Then again, I just left work in the middle of the afternoon to go get ice cream, so don't take me too seriously. 

Cravings? Other than my usual ice cream, nothing really stands out. Breakfast food sounds especially delicious, as does lemonade, but it changes day to day.

Aversions? Usually I love salmon, but it hasn’t sounded very good lately. I still don’t want hot coffee in the morning either. Otherwise I pretty much want to eat everything.

Wearing? I’ve had to say goodbye to all my non-maternity pants, but there are still a few tops, skirts, and dresses (you know, the stretchy kind) that I can fit into. I recently reviewed a bunch of maternity clothes from Old Navy, and I’ve been wearing a lot of those lately.

{second trimester wardrobe staples}

Here are a few things that I've been living in during my second trimester.

These are the things that I find myself living in during the second trimester of my pregnancy. Click through for details and where to shop.

{knit dresses} To me nothing is more comfortable than a dress right now, so I've been living in stretchy knit dresses (like this striped one from Old Navy). 

{fun jewelry} Because my maternity wardrobe is more limited than my regular wardrobe, and is heavier on basics, I like to add fun jewelry, like statement necklaces and bold earrings, as much as I can. Isn't this tassel necklace from Bauble Bar fun? 

{pants with a full-panel} I have a pair of jeans with a demi band (one that doesn't go all the way over my belly) and I find myself pulling on them all day. I'm much more comfortable in the full-panel style, like these skinny jeans

{simple tank tops and camisoles} I have several knit tank tops in a variety of colors (like this one), and they're great for layering. 

{stretchy knit skirts} Skirts are right up there with dresses when it comes to comfort right now, so I wear them a ton. I have a couple of these fold-over knit skirts from Old Navy and I love them. 

{colorful tees} Like I mentioned, I wear a lot of basics right now, but simple, colorful tees (like this one) make a great base for statement necklaces or colorful scarves. 

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