Old Navy Maternity Clothing Review

Recently Old Navy was having a 40% off everything sale, so I placed a pretty good-sized order for maternity clothes. I've never done a clothing review before, but I always like reading them on other blogs. One thing I never realized is how hard it is to take quality photos inside, in front of a mirror, with my iPhone. So I hope you'll forgive the sub-par photo quality here--it's a learning experience for sure!

Maternity Full Panel Dark Wash Boyfriend Jeans, size 6: $10 (all prices are the sale price I paid, minus tax)

I was hesitant about these at first because I don't love where they hit me on my calf, and they're a little tighter there than I'd like them to be (despite being roomy in the thigh area). However, I really need a casual pair of jeans to wear on the weekend, and for $10 I can live with these despite their imperfections. If they were regular jeans I'd be pickier, but for maternity jeans I'll only wear on the weekend, I'm willing to settle because of the awesome price tag. 

I love these jeans. I have a pair that I borrowed that have a demi-band (that doesn't go all the way over the bump) and to me that's not as comfortable. This pair fits well enough now but they don't feel too snug, so they should work for most of my pregnancy, if not all. I will no doubt get a lot of wear out of these. 

One item in my non-maternity wardrobe that I wear a ton is my plain gray t-shirt, so I wanted to get a maternity version. I got a medium because I didn't want it to be overly fitted, and I like the fit and the feel of this one. It's a keeper. 

This is the same as the gray one above, just a different color. I love the pretty peachy pink color of this one, and it was $4. Enough said! The only thing I don't love is that it's pretty sheer, so I'll have to wear a camisole underneath. 

Maternity Shirred Boat-neck Tee in White, size small: $7

This is just a simple white tee that I know I'll wear a lot. It's also very sheer, but I usually wear a camisole under white tees anyway. It's really long, which I will appreciate later as my belly grows (it already seems so much bigger than when I took these pictures over a week ago!). This style is sold out, but there's a similar scoop-neck version available for $13.

This top looked and felt like a tent, and the pictures don't even do the tent-ness justice. It is also very sheer, and not flattering at all. My hunt for a white cotton top continues... 

I lived in dresses when I was pregnant with Jona--to me there's nothing more comfortable in the summer. I wasn't sure about the sleeves on this one, they stick out a little, but overall I really like the fit and print. It's long enough for me to wear to work, but comfortable enough for the weekend as well. Keeper!

This is probably the item I was most excited to receive. You know how much I love striped dresses, so I hoped this one would be as cute as it looked online. I'm happy to say that it is; the fit is perfect and I know I will be wearing this a ton. I love this dress!

I love white dresses for spring and summer, but I never have found a regular version that's quite right. However, I couldn't pass up this maternity version, and I love it. It's fully lined so it isn't too sheer, and the pleating and lace details are so pretty. Sometimes embellishments on Old Navy clothes can look cheap, but I think this dress looks more expensive than it was. 

Out of the nine items I ordered, only one is going back; I'd say that was a success. I find that Old Navy is hit or miss for me with regular clothes, but for maternity I always have really good luck there. Thank goodness, because it's one of the few places where the maternity clothes are affordable. I hate the markup on maternity items!

Have you done any shopping recently? 

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