6 Strategies for Finding More Time to Read

I’ve always been a daydreamer, but age and motherhood have altered those daydreams significantly. Where I used to daydream about flitting off to France to eat all the cheese, nowadays I find myself looking out my office window and imagining a day spent on the couch with a stack of library books and an embarrassingly large bowl of ice cream. 

It’s safe to say that I don’t get in as much reading time as I’d like in my busy life as a working mom and blogger. However, because reading is about as necessary as air in my life, I find ways to make time for it, whenever I can. 

Do you love to read but struggle to find the time? I know, life is busy, but here are 6 strategies for fitting more reading time in your life.
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{read before bed} I’ve been doing this pretty much all my life. In fact, even if I’m up really late (which, let’s face it, is pretty much never) I have to read a little before I can sleep. Most nights I go to bed at least 30 minutes before the time I’d like to be asleep, so that I can spend the last part of my day engrossed in a book. 

{plan weekly reading breaks} At least once a week, and often more, I’ll bring a book with me to work and read during my lunch break. Having that 30 minutes of quiet reading/eating time can be therapeutic on a hectic day. 

{always bring a book} I take a book with me just about everywhere I go. You never know when you’ll have a long wait for something, and it’s just as easy to pull out a book as it is to open up Facebook on your phone. 

{embrace audiobooks} I used to listen to audiobooks regularly when I had a longer commute to work, and it made my drive so enjoyable. Although my commute now is pretty short, I recently started listening to audiobooks (as well as podcasts) again during little bursts of downtime throughout the day, such as when I’m getting ready in the morning or editing blog photos. 

{use your library} I could go on for days about how wonderful the library is and how much I love it, but I’ll spare you. (But guys, FREE books. FREE.) In particular, using the library helps me read more because of those pesky little things called book due dates. That deadline looming over my head when I’m reading a book (especially one I waited in a long holds queue for) puts a little fire under me to get that thing read. I find that I read books I own a lot more slowly and leisurely than books I check out, simply because of the deadline. 

{be a quitter} In my most recent In My Library Tote post, I mentioned that I’m getting better about “abandoning” books that I’m not enjoying or struggling to get through. Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood to read a certain book, and I just can’t motivate myself to pick it up. Other times, I find that I’m simply not enjoying a book so I find something, anything, else to do other than read it. If you’re willing to give yourself permission to set down a book (whether temporarily or forever) and pick up something else, you may find it easier to prioritize reading time. When it feels like something you want to do, rather than something you should do, you’re bound to make more time to read. 

Of course I still wish I had more time in my day to read. As soon as I finish one book, three more appear on my to-read list. Yet by doing these small things, I ensure that despite how busy life gets, I’m still able to make time for the hobby that feeds my soul. 

What are you reading right now? How do you make time to read when life is busy?

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  1. I should really apply these to my life. I was an avid reader through university, likely because I was an English major. Now I feel massively guilty that I can't remember the last book I finished. Every time I tell someone "oh ya, I have my Masters in English Lit" I'm afraid that they'll be shocked and say "but you never read!"

  2. Yes yes yes. Before bed is my favorite time to read, but I'm awful at cutting myself off when it gets late. And I have had to learn how to quit books, because sometimes pushing through it isn't worth it. Love the humor in this post!


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