Ultimate Subscription Box: Mother's Day Edition

Subscription boxes are quite a thing these days, and although I don’t have experience with very many, I do love the idea. When Elle wrote a post recently about her ultimate subscription box, and encouraged readers to do the same, I was excited to come up with one of my own. However, instead of creating a subscription box tailored to suit me, in honor of Mother’s Day (this Sunday, eep!) I created one that my mom would love. 

If I were creating the ultimate subscription box for my sweet mom, I would include the following items every month. I sure do wish I had the money to actually send her all these things each month, I know she would love it!

{stationery} My mom loves to write notes and letters, so I know she’d love having a fresh supply of pretty stationery to choose from. Also, since I’m often the recipient of her notes, I would love this as well!

{jewelry} Since my mom is retired, her lifestyle doesn’t really require much dressing up these days. However, I know she still enjoys wearing pretty jewelry, earrings especially, to make her feel like her. She loves pink, and these gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings would add a little fabulousness to her every day.

{photo frames or books} One thing my mom always requests for holidays is pictures of Jona, so I like to get her nice frames and albums to show off those photos. In fact, I think if I gave her nothing but photo-related gifts every holiday she’d be perfectly happy!

{nuts and snack mixes} My mom and I are alike in so many ways, but one way we differ is our snacking preferences. While I’ve got a sweet tooth for days, my mom much prefers salty, spicy snacks. She would love getting a new salty snack mix to try each month.

{books} Both of my parents passed their love of reading along to me, and I always love talking about good books with my mom. She’s at a point in her life now when she has more time to read, so if there’s a book I particularly love I enjoy sharing it with her as well. I read The Friday Night Knitting Club a few years ago and think it’s one she would like.

{coffee} If I ever saw my mom without a cup of coffee in her hand in the morning, I might faint from surprise. Her day has started with a coffee pot brewing for as long as I can remember, and she thoroughly enjoys her morning cup (or two or three).

There you have it. If I could create a subscription box for my mom, these are all the things I would include. What do you think mom, do I have your approval? What would you put in a subscription box for your mom? 

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