How to Modernize Khaki Pants

At the beginning of spring, I’m always thrilled to pull out all my skirts and dresses and wear them as soon as possible. The reality is though, that many days it’s still too cold for bare legs. It’s about this time of year when I realize my pants situation is in a sad, sad state, and I think about buying some new ones and rarely do. (Does anyone else have as much trouble buying pants? Jeans are a challenge too, but pants? The worst.)

I recently pulled out these cropped khakis from Gap that have been in my closet for years. Every year I think about putting them in the donate/sell pile, but somehow they always wind up back in my closet. I think it’s my desperate need for variety in my work wear that saves them year after year.

I’ll call them cropped pants, but honestly they’re pretty close to “khaki capri pants,” a style that to me says I’m ready to throw away any hope I have of feeling youthful or cool. I may well throw out that hope regardless (my bedtime is about 9:30 and I just learned what “on fleek” means), but I'm not ready to give up just yet. So, just like a minivan with a bumper sticker saying “I used to be cool” (love those) I’m going to do my best to say the same thing here, but my bumper sticker is a pair of shoes.

To modernize these khaki “crops” (if you will) I’m adding my coolest pair of shoes, my red lace-up flats. A few other modern elements include this swingy striped top, perfect for hiding what looks like a food baby at this point, and my favorite gold leather earrings. 

Do you have any clothes that for whatever reason you keep rescuing from the donate pile?

Striped tee: Mossimo, Target | cropped khakis: Gap (similar) | earrings: Nickel & Suede | necklace: Etsy | lace-up flats: Topshop (similar)

Striped tee: Mossimo, Target | cropped khakis: Gap (similar) | earrings: Nickel & Suede | necklace: Etsy

Striped tee: Mossimo, Target | cropped khakis: Gap (similar) | earrings: Nickel & Suede | lace-up flats: Topshop (similar)

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