Stitch Fix Review: My April Fix

While I only purchased one item, I loved what I got in my last Stitch Fix box so I decided to order another one this month. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge for my stylist, as I haven't started wearing maternity clothes yet but some of my regular clothes are starting to get a little tight. I appreciated the mix of maternity and non-maternity items that she sent. I had a cold when we took these photos and thought about cropping my face out of all of them. I didn't. Sorry.

Here's what I got in my April Fix.

{one} Brixon Ivy - Dentdale Lace Sleeve Blouse, Small: $68

I've been on the hunt for a white top for a while now so I requested one in this fix. However, I should have been more specific because I was thinking of a crisp cotton rather than something silky like this. It's a pretty top, but it's just not really my style. I didn't like the sleeves or neckline and the length was a little short. 

Verdict: Return

{two} Laila Jayde - Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top, Small: $58

I don't own a lot of tops with dolman sleeves, and at first I wasn't sure how I felt about them. However, when I put this top on I absolutely loved it. This color is my favorite right now, and I've been wanting another solid colored top in a bright color. It's nice and stretchy, so it will grow with my belly, at least for the first part of my pregnancy. 

Verdict: Keep. 

{three} Margaret M - Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant, Small: $98

I did not like these pants when I pulled them out of the box, but my mind changed completely when I put them on. They are so cute, right? However, they fit me pretty perfectly right now, and while they do have an elastic waist, there's just not room for the inevitable growth that will be happening. $98 would be a lot to spend on something I could wear this month and then not again for who knows how long, so back they went.

Verdict: Return. (Tear.) 

{four - worn underneath the shirts above} Stitch Fix 3-Pack Maternity Cami, One Size: $44. 

It was such a good idea to send maternity camisoles, and 3 for $44 isn't bad. If this were my first pregnancy I would have kept them for sure. I already have several in black and white, and only really need a nude one, so for that it wasn't worth spending the money. 

Verdict: Return. 

{five} Loveappella - Carlita Jersey Maternity Maxi Dress, Small: $78

Before I tried on my items, this is the item I thought I would keep. I love how comfortable maxi dresses are, and I know it is something I could wear for the duration of my pregnancy. Yet for some reason, I didn't love this one. I feel like it's maybe the print? I'm not sure. Also, while the quality of this one did feel nice, I also feel like I could find something similar (for much less) somewhere else. 

Verdict: Return. 

So, once again I only kept one item in my fix. Since the prices of Stitch Fix items are typically more than what I usually spend, that works out well for me, budget-wise. I'm glad that there's always been at least one item that I love, and I think for that reason I will continue to order fixes occasionally. 

Disclosure: While this is not a sponsored post, signing up for Stitch Fix through my link will give me a credit. 

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