Spied it, Tried it: Strawberry Dessert

I consider myself a "dessert person," but I should really be more specific--I'm a chocolate "dessert person." Usually to me a dessert without chocolate is, well, sad, and not one I waste calories on. However, I make an exception for strawberry shortcake, and other similar strawberry desserts.

I had a craving for it recently, so I searched my "For the Sweet Tooth" Pinterest board for the most appealing strawberry dessert.

Strawberry Blueberry Trifle - Handmade in the Heartland | Classic Strawberry Shortcake - Mel's Kitchen Cafe

I decided to go with a classic strawberry shortcake, which to me means shortcakes that are like sweet biscuits rather than pound or sponge cakes. These cream biscuits from The Kitchn's recipe had great flavor, although I learned that I need to brush up on my biscuit making technique. I know I overworked the dough, which lead to shortcakes that were a bit tough, rather than light and fluffy.

However, with sweet strawberries and freshly whipped cream, my imperfect shortcakes were forgiven and we enjoyed these thoroughly. 

What's your favorite strawberry dessert? 

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