Exploring Kansas City: The Brass on Baltimore

On Tuesday, our local blogging group The Blog Guild had a meet-up at The Brass on Baltimore in downtown Kansas City. It's a beautiful old building with a lot of history--it used to be The Kansas City Club, a gentleman's club. It's since been renovated (including the addition of women's restrooms... something the gentleman's club lacked!) but most of the unique historical details have been preserved.

{L} What I wore to the event | {R} I couldn't pass up a photo op with these fun tile floors!

We ate delicious mini sandwiches, potatoes, and mini souffles from Plaza Catering. Not surprisingly, my favorite part was the dessert. 

It's a popular venue for weddings, with three large spaces that can accommodate parties large and small. While there, a few blog buddies and I took a tour of the building and got to admire the gorgeous chandeliers, stained glass windows, and architectural details up close. 

I've never been anywhere like this before in Kansas City, and it was fun to have the opportunity to explore a place that I would not otherwise have known about.


  1. I think that is so fun that you have a blogging group in your area! Sounds like such a wonderful day with yummy food and of course my favorites would be the desserts too! You look absolutely beautiful

  2. Ok I just saw your IG post that you were at sheridans tonight eating ice cream and didn't even realize you were from KC! But I came to your blog and how funny because I went to that same event- it was such an amazing space!!!!


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