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I’m thrilled that it’s April. Not only is it my favorite month of the year (my birthday month!) but also, it means March is over. March was a rough month. Jona got a flu bug, then as soon as I thought it had passed me by, it hit me too. I lacked motivation last month and didn’t get much done. I’m looking forward to starting a fresh month and (hopefully) staying healthy, energized, and motivated. No pressure, April.

As usual I’m joining Anne and Jenna for their monthly linkup to share what I’m currently

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{making} treats for visitors. Like I mentioned Monday, my sister-in-law and family came to visit over the weekend. Having company is the perfect excuse to make a few fun recipes, don't you think? I tried this cookie pie that I've been wanting to try for a while since I saw it on Anne's blog. Not surprisingly, it was a big hit. I also made this Tater Tot Breakfast Bake, which I made a few minor adjustments to (reducing the liquid and upping the eggs), and it was pretty dang good too. A weekend spent with good food and good people is the perfect weekend to me! 

{wishlisting} all the floral. My spring wardrobe is lacking in pretty floral prints, so I’m keeping my eye out for skirts, dresses, and blouses covered with the print that is quintessentially spring. I love the print and silhouette of this fun skirt from Gap. 

{cleaning} up toys, and more toys. I consider myself an organized person, but I confess that right now my house does not reflect that about me. Not only do I ABHOR cleaning, but I can’t seem to stay on top of the clutter. Additionally, trying to keep toys corralled and organized is a Sisyphean task; as soon as blocks are put away with blocks, and dinosaurs with dinosaurs, they’re all dumped out on the floor again, jumbled together. If you have any tips and tricks for keeping the toys under control, I’d love to hear them!

{posting} through a slump. As I mentioned before, March was a bit of a challenging month. When I’m feeling unwell or exhausted, and lacking in motivation, those feelings tend to seep through to all aspects of my life, including blogging. My creative juices have been less than juicy, and I’ve just felt blah. However, for me, taking a break when I feel like this is dangerous, because I fear I’ll lose the momentum to start back up. So I’ve been putting what energy I do have into creating content, and while it may not be the most ground-breaking stuff out there, it’s helping me to move forward.

{tasting} fresh fruit. Usually the type of food I get excited about is the type of food that doctors tell us to eat “in moderation.” You know, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, White Cheddar Cheez-its (love those)… all delicious and terrible for you. Yet this time of year, I actually start looking forward to a sweet, healthy treat: fresh fruit. We’ve been buying pineapples like crazy lately, and despite the fact that they are ridiculous to cut up, they’ve been wonderful. As it gets warmer I can’t wait to eat lots of strawberries, cherries, peaches, and nectarines too. Yum.

I’d love to hear what you’re currently up to this month! 

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