Chatting with Jona

I love reading posts that share the funny things that kids say. It just amazes me sometimes the way their minds work and how creative they can be. I’ve been trying to write down the memorable “deep thoughts from Jona” over the past few months so that I could share them.

While sitting at the table, after I scolded him for not listening,“When I’m bigger I’m going to preschool. But first I have to go to time out. I’m not acting very well.”

While brushing his teeth at night, Jona: “Is that the hot side [of the faucet]?”  Me: “Yes, it is.” Jona: “Yeah, it’s dangerous.”

Listening to Beatles music in the car and Octopus’s Garden comes on. Before the singing even starts, Jona says “Octopus’s garden in the shade!” He’s making me proud, my mini Beatles fan.

After telling Jona he’s the best boy, Jona: “You’re the best boy!” Me: “I’m not a boy.” Jona: “You’re the best girl in the whole world!” Heart, melted.

Jona, giving me a hug, “I wuv you mommy.” Me: “I love you too!” Jona: “You drive me crazy!” Me: ?

On Sunday, I’m in our room getting ready for church. Jona: “Mommy, you look pretty!” Sweet boy.

At daycare, his babysitter said Jona randomly asked her if she was the boss, and she said yes. So she asked him who the boss is at home, and he thought for a moment, then responded, “Mommy.”

When asked a question he doesn’t know (especially if it’s where something is), Jona will throw his hand up in the air, dramatically, and say “I don’t know.” That hand in the air kills me.

Looking at a John Deere license plate, “Is that Rudolph?”

Do you have any good kid quotes? I’d love to hear them! 

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