April Clothing Budget

I’m back at it with the monthly budget post—this will be the fourth month in a row, woohoo for that! Typically April is a quiet month for me when it comes to clothes shopping. My birthday is at the end of the month (it was Monday), so it’s not usually until May that I go out and do any birthday-money shopping. Without further ado, here’s what I bought.

{my clothing budget: April 2016}

Spied it, Tried it: Strawberry Dessert

I consider myself a "dessert person," but I should really be more specific--I'm a chocolate "dessert person." Usually to me a dessert without chocolate is, well, sad, and not one I waste calories on. However, I make an exception for strawberry shortcake, and other similar strawberry desserts.

I had a craving for it recently, so I searched my "For the Sweet Tooth" Pinterest board for the most appealing strawberry dessert.

Strawberry Blueberry Trifle - Handmade in the Heartland | Classic Strawberry Shortcake - Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Turquoise Dolman Sleeve Top Dressed Down or Dressed Up

You saw on my Stitch Fix post on Friday that I kept this turquoise dolman sleeve top. I didn’t waste much time in wearing it, and today I’m styling it two ways for spring. I’ve always gone back and forth between pink and purple when asked about my favorite color (I know…I’m such a girl) but when I think about it, this shade of turquoise blue is actually the color I love most. 

Stitch Fix Review: My April Fix

While I only purchased one item, I loved what I got in my last Stitch Fix box so I decided to order another one this month. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge for my stylist, as I haven't started wearing maternity clothes yet but some of my regular clothes are starting to get a little tight. I appreciated the mix of maternity and non-maternity items that she sent. I had a cold when we took these photos and thought about cropping my face out of all of them. I didn't. Sorry.

Here's what I got in my April Fix.

{one} Brixon Ivy - Dentdale Lace Sleeve Blouse, Small: $68

Mom and Toddler Style: Neon Weekend and Some News

I don't have a lot of neon in my closet, but this time of year always makes me want more. I like adding little touches of neon here and there to brighten up a look, like this one I wore over the weekend. Similarly, I've been finding things for Jona that have a little bit of neon too, so not surprisingly we had to coordinate for a photo.

On me: plaid shirt: Old Navy (similar for a steal) | print tee: Target (fun flamingo print) | jeans: Gap (similar) | sandals: Old Navy (similar)
On Jona: plaid shirt: Carter's (similar) | tee (underneath): Carter's | jeans: Gap (similar) | sandals: Old Navy (similar - less than $3!)

$10 at Target: Paper Goods

I'll take any excuse to go to Target and spend a little money on a few fun things, so once again I'm joining the $10 at Target link-up. Last month I bought some makeup and office supplies, but this month I didn't stray from paper goods.

I'm breaking routine here and not sharing a style post today. Come back Wednesday though for a special mommy and me style post.

{what I bought}

Here's what I spent my $9.78 (under budget, woohoo!) on.

{one} a coloring book - $5. I've been wanting to get a coloring book for myself, because coloring does seem so relaxing. It will be the perfect thing to do while listening to an audiobook and watching baseball in the evenings. 

{two} colored pencils - $2. These will get me started with my coloring book, but if I find myself coloring often I may switch to markers. But for $2 I couldn't beat these colored pencils. 

{three} car stickers - $1. Jona lately has been all about cars AND stickers lately, so these were right up his alley. He had fun sticking and pulling off and re-sticking. He gets a little disappointed that stickers eventually lose their stickiness, or when they're hard to take off once he's stuck them, but for a short time, he's thrilled. 

{four} thank you notes - $1. I liked these simple, small thank you notes, perfect for sending a quick note. 

Did you buy anything fun at Target recently? 

Exploring Kansas City: The Brass on Baltimore

On Tuesday, our local blogging group The Blog Guild had a meet-up at The Brass on Baltimore in downtown Kansas City. It's a beautiful old building with a lot of history--it used to be The Kansas City Club, a gentleman's club. It's since been renovated (including the addition of women's restrooms... something the gentleman's club lacked!) but most of the unique historical details have been preserved.

{L} What I wore to the event | {R} I couldn't pass up a photo op with these fun tile floors!

Chatting with Jona

I love reading posts that share the funny things that kids say. It just amazes me sometimes the way their minds work and how creative they can be. I’ve been trying to write down the memorable “deep thoughts from Jona” over the past few months so that I could share them.

While sitting at the table, after I scolded him for not listening,“When I’m bigger I’m going to preschool. But first I have to go to time out. I’m not acting very well.”

While brushing his teeth at night, Jona: “Is that the hot side [of the faucet]?”  Me: “Yes, it is.” Jona: “Yeah, it’s dangerous.”

How to Wear Sneakers for Spring: 2 Outfit Ideas

I enjoy getting dressed up occasionally, but lately I’ve been leaning towards more casual styles. My white Converses have been on heavy rotation over the past few weeks, and I love how they add a casual feel to whatever I pair them with. Of course I love them with jeans, but there’s something about a dress + sneakers combo that really feels like spring.

{how to style sneakers for spring: 2 looks}

In My Library Tote: April's Mom and Toddler Book Picks

Here's a round-up of the books that Jona and I have been (mostly) enjoying lately. I hope you get some what-to-read-next inspiration! 

{recent reads: busy mama edition}

Currently: April

I’m thrilled that it’s April. Not only is it my favorite month of the year (my birthday month!) but also, it means March is over. March was a rough month. Jona got a flu bug, then as soon as I thought it had passed me by, it hit me too. I lacked motivation last month and didn’t get much done. I’m looking forward to starting a fresh month and (hopefully) staying healthy, energized, and motivated. No pressure, April.

As usual I’m joining Anne and Jenna for their monthly linkup to share what I’m currently

pineapple image via unsplash

Pinterest Inspired Style: Fun with Spring Basics

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather. My sister-in-law and her family came to visit, and Jona had a blast playing with his cousins (who are 4 and 3). Gennie and I had a chance to do a little shopping on Saturday, while our husbands watched the kids (woohoo!), and I picked up this skirt.

I love it because it feels like pajamas (thank you elastic and drawstring waist) but looks quite a bit nicer than that. I also recently grabbed this cute elephant print tee from Target, and I like how it adds a little color and whimsy to an otherwise basic outfit, which was inspired by this pin of a black pencil skirt remix on Unfancy

How did you spend your weekend? 

Denim jacket: Gap (similar) | elephant print tee: Target (similar - can't find print online) | navy drawstring skirt: Loft Outlet (similar) | necklace: gift | striped wedges: Target

Goals for April and a March Goal Review

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family or personal life.